The Highest Goals of Health

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : University Orientation (The Highest Goals of Health)

While “frosh week” represents the fun side of the first week at university, the true purpose of the education is revealed in the formal orientation sessions. Not only are logistical issues addressed, such as how to navigate around campus, as well as its various resources such as the student centre and the library, but the specific policies and curriculum for each of your classes are spelled out as well.

In terms of our Heilkunst curriculum, this is the time where the specific and objective goals of health are spelled out, particularly how they play out at the highest levels of healthcare. The dual nature of treatment, as you’ve experienced in terms of the difference between Regimen and Medicine, are now brought to their highest forms in terms of the dual role of the true Physician married with the true Medician.

It goes without saying that for any student (ie patient) to do well at this level, they are dependent on the solid foundation which they laid during their previous levels of schooling (ie treatment). The ultimate expression of health, which includes a full expression of the patient’s individuality and purpose, will be built on what we explored previously in terms of the concept of resonance. This principle needs to be expanded to its fullest expression, now, while systematically removing or destroying any of the issues which are getting in the patient’s way of this goal. Engagement with the four beat life cycle at every level will be the most important vehicle here. We’ll see, as I present the following blogs on the different facets of the university-level of the Heilkunst curriculum, that various issues relating to the false ego, residual belief structures, as well as the sexual health and integrity of the patient’s bio-energetic structure all need to be correctly addressed on the way to achieving this primary goal. The difference between climax and orgasm, for example represents health not only at the physical/biological level, but also transforms up through the different members of our being.

In terms of the dynamic physiology of the four bodies which I previously presented, you can start to see that the overall Heilkunst curriculum is a progressive working up through the physical body, into the etheric and astral bodies, and ultimately (at this university level), into the ontic organization, which we can relate to in terms of our sense of self, or experience of “I am”.

Some of the highest goals of health expressed at this level include a strong and balanced expression of our 3-fold functions of healthy:

  • Thinking
  • Feeling
  • Willing

So, throw this orientation guide into your knapsack, and be sure to keep it with you as we work through the various courses you’ll be going through in your university-level program of health.

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