Advanced Time Line Treatment

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : University, 1st Year (Advanced Time Line Treatment)

First year of the Heilkunst university curriculum is about picking up on some of the content already mastered in high school, but taking it to a higher level of implementation. One example we can explore is of the concept of the advanced time line — where I previously explained what is involved in the basic (high school level) treatment of the time line of shocks and traumas, now we can dig in even further, and bring the process of healing to a higher form.

One aspect of this involves going beyond the individual events of a patient’s time line, and “connecting the dots” to determine what the general themes and patterns are behind them. This involves digging into the core unconscious themes which plague a patient’s life, until they actively make effective changes to their underlying causations. A book such as “The Healing Power of Illness” does an excellent job in providing the keys of interpretation for understanding our symptoms and illnesses in terms of their deeper meaning, and likewise, the same mode of thinking can be applied to the “story” behind the shocks and traumas populating our time line.

A corresponding concept in treatment is that of “revision”. Alongside the use of the specific curative remedies as are applied for each time line event, there are any number of adjunct healative modalities which are useful to help us complete the the full action of the heilen (curing and healing) process. A simple example of revision would be the prescribing a physical modality to a patient in conjunction with their taking of time line remedies for a physical trauma, such as sending a patient for cranio-sacral therapy at the same time that they are taking remedies for when they had dental work on their time line.

The higher form of ‘revision’ involves an activation of the patient’s creative imagination in order to fulfill the healative function around a given issue. The idea here can involve the patient actively going back in their imagination to a certain time in their life, and completely re-writing the event to flow in a positive way, with a happy ending. This is akin to how therapy is done on the TV show “Being Erica”.

A very powerful application of this concept comes in the form of a patient’s revision of their sexual time line. The key relationships (or even instances of unrequited or otherwise impossible love) can be re-written within the patient’s own imagination, thus triggering a healative function in terms of their sexual and emotional capacities and sense of self.

The power to move forward in a healthy way in the future is dependent on clearing out any weeds from the past through such exercises. A healthy dose of medicine is often needed during the course of this work, as the patient pushes up residual emotional themes and issues to the surface, such as grief, fear, anger, or jealousy. This university level of the Heilkunst curriculum illustrates more and more how the patient takes over the reigns of their own healing and curing, and become less and less reliant on the “external” means such as we apply in the realms of medicine and regimen.

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