Lanthanides, Part One

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : University, 2nd Year (Lanthanides, part one)

The periodic table offers a tremendous wealth of medicinal substances related to treating the various issues which our ontic organization faces on its journey. The structure of the periodic table relates to different stages of development, as seen in the different rows of the table, and particular conflicts or blockages which are seen along different columns.

As I continue to explore treatment approaches to the problem of the false ego, the lanthanides come into play, which are a part of the sixth row of the periodic table, representing issues of the self in terms of autonomy.

There are 14 specific lanthanide remedies useful for this purpose of helping us work through specific blockages the ontic encounters, along with 9 specific adjunct remedies related to the fears of the false ego in letting go of its power. The first seven lanthanides relate to the initial descent of the upper ontic down to meet the nether, where the outward biological goal is to reach “genital primacy”, and any blockages create the energy of neurosis. The second group of seven relates to the second movement of our development, where the nether ontic moves upward to meet with our upper ontic. This results in the transformation of our genital primacy into the broader function of the orgasm, or “orgastic potency”. Blockages along this path are what contribute to the energy of any psychoses.

The first seven lanthanides represent these themes:

  1. Lanthanum — The beginning of the journey into autonomy. Confusion as to whether it is possible, or not. Healthy state : Realization that freedom is the goal.
  2. Cerium — Wants autonomy, but plagued by hesitation. Healthy state : decisiveness.
  3. Praseodynium — Sets out on the path of autonomy, but easily discouraged by setbacks. Healthy state : perseverance.
  4. Neodynium — Try to prove their autonomy through reckless action. Healthy state : Being firm.
  5. Promethium — Falsely takes up role of saving others. Healthy state : Willing to share their experiences, when asked.
  6. Samarium — Feel they need to constantly guard their freedom from perceived threats. Health state : Apply self-defense as necessary.
  7. Europium – Seeking approval through cleverness. Healthy state : Command of scientific logic.

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