Lanthanides, Part Two

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : University, 2nd Year (Lanthanides, part two)

Continuing on from yesterday’s presentation on the Lanthanides, I’ll outline the second half of the remedy series, along with the 9 fear or conflict remedies.

The second group of 7 lanthanides are as follows:

8. Terbium — Feeling that their autonomy is dependent on protecting it in others. Healthy state : Help to contribute to others’ autonomy out of generosity, rather than fear.

9. Dysprosium — Fear that autonomy can be lost at any time. Healthy state : Calm vigilance.

10. Holmium — Feel the need to hide their autonomy. Healthy state : Quiet confidence.

11. Erbium — Becomes indifferent or stoic. Healthy state : Graceful and realistic.

12. Thulium — Resignation; surrender freedom for another. Healthy state : Surrender to the directive of their higher self.

13. Ytterbium — Hermit-like state of rejecting things. Healthy state : Letting go of attachments.

14. Lutetium — Avoid commitments which may compromise freedom. Healthy state : Higher love function without attachments.

Any of the 14 lanthanide remedies may be fruitfully combined with any of the fear/conflict remedies below. They each relate to the specific fears or inner conflicts we may experience at the prospect of gaining a greater degree of freedom.

  • Oxydataum: The fear of being unable to handle the power of freedom, and becoming abusive.
  • Phosphoricum: The fear or threat of loss of friendship due to autonomy.
  • Sulphuratum: Fear that autonomy will negatively impact one’s marriage.
  • Iodatum: Fear of not fitting in, and being rejected.
  • Carbonicum: Fear that one will lose one’s self-worth. Related to “father” issues.
  • Bromatum: Underlying feeling of moral guilt and consequent fear of being rejected by community.
  • Fluoratum: Fear of discovering an amoral monster inside.
  • Muriaticum: Afraid that the integrity of the family will suffer. Related to “mother” issues.
  • Nitricum: A form of “Peter Pan” syndrome – fear of growing up and taking the responsibility that comes with freedom.
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