Armoring of the Diaphragmatic Segment

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : University, 3rd Year ( Armoring of the Diaphragmatic Segment)

Continuing on down the descent of the seven segments, I now come to the diaphragmatic segment. This is one where we’ll particularly be reminded that the whole armoring process is related to a direct blockage in terms of a process in the autonomic nervous system, being prevented from expressing itself in its natural form. The autonomic system is the basis of all of our reflexes, and in the case of the diaphragmatic segment, it is the seat of the gagging reflex, when we need to quickly expel something from our system.

There are things we choke on, or maybe effects of bad food which we need to quickly vomit up; there are also the deeply internalized emotions, such as disgust, or a deeply held scream which are held in this segment. Chronic physical health issues of the stomach or liver can also be directly related to armoring of this segment.

Treatment for this segment can include an intentional triggering of the gagging reflex, such as by gently pressing a toothbrush down into the opening of the throat. Other exercises, such as a vigorous expression of “Ha! Ha! Ha!” can get this segment in motion, and start to loosen up the grip of this armor ring. Babies still have this reflex intact, which is why they so easily and frequently spit up. The depth of emotion that is restored from treating this segment can be quite profound.

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