Armoring of the Pelvic Segment

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : University, 3rd Year (Armoring of the Pelvic Segment)

Coming to the seventh and final segment (the pelvic), we see where the deepest roots of our anxieties and disease originate. You could say that all of the segments above the pelvic are a kind of “theme and variation” of these root issues, and the main thrust (pun intended) of all of our armoring is housed here. All of the original repression a child experiences from their parents at the beginning of life, whether in overt interference with the child’s behaviour, or a subliminal “sex negative” state of mind which permeates the child’s whole environment, is the formative force which creates this pelvic blockage.

There is a tremendous amount of rage locked up here, as well as a deep anxiety along with guilt. Many parents overly eager to potty train their baby, for example, will contribute to the tightening of the musculature, along with originating a form of anxiety linked to an expectation to please the parent. The counter-reaction to this, of course, is a deep underlying feeling of rebellion which may burst out at a later stage of development. The cultural meaning of “flipping the bird”, and all of its associated feelings of rage and rebellion comes directly from this segment — whether in a healthy sense, where someone is rightfully defending their boundaries, or in an unhealthy sense, where any number of situations will trigger the need to try to break out of their own pelvic armoring.

Treatment of this segment can be the most in-depth, and complex, with a frequent return to previously cleared segments to work out deeper layers of their blockage, before returning again to tackle the pelvic blockage. The patient’s core defense mechanisms come out full force, here, and it can truly seem like a life-and-death battle between practitioner and patient. Various techniques encouraging the release of rage, along with the release of the tightened musculature around the pelvis, thighs, and anal sphincter are part of transforming this blockage. Adjunct exercises, such as Latin-American ‘Salsa’ dancing can help to loosen up the hip and pelvic movements along with the formal therapeutics.

The final emergence of the orgasm reflex is the sign that the natural energy flow has broken through, and the core armoring around this segment has been dissolved.

4 thoughts on “Armoring of the Pelvic Segment

  1. Janice

    Wow — from your description, I see that I have armouring in six of the seven segments that you described (probably in all seven layers). Is that common? I’m currently receiving Heilkunst treatment, so I assume that my armouring will gradually lessen through treatment?

  2. jkorentayer Post author

    Yes, it is fairly common for most people to be armored at least to some degree through all 7 segments. This is what Reich referred to as “homo normalis”, or “the normal (ie typical or average) person”. Heilkunst treatment will release that to some degree, but it takes a conscious and concerted effort to de-armor the segments on their own terms. This is the reason that, conceptually, I’ve placed the content of these segments in the Heilkunst “university” curriculum, which is higher than the time line treatment, which is in the “high school” portion of the curriculum. Treating the time line and miasms really needs to be understood within the larger context of health as defined by the items in the higher level of the curriculum.

  3. Roxanne

    I cannot thank you enough for this information on armouring the 7 segments. I’ve learned so much about myself and those around me while reading these! THANK YOU!!!

  4. reception

    Hi Roxanne,

    Thank you for the comment. We are always happy to hear that the information shared connects with people.


    – Diane Nowlan
    Office Manager

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