Can You Immunize For Something Non-Pathogenic?

You all may be already familiar with the capacity of Heilkunst and homeopathy to successfully immunize against a virus or microbe, but what about an event more of an emotional nature? Can the same principle of prophylaxis be applied when someone knows ahead of time that they’ll be facing a difficult or challenging emotional situation? I’m glad you asked — yes, it can!
We have become so used to the concept of vaccination as something that is done for pathogenic disease that we have become virtually blinded to the broader application of the principle to non-pathogenic situations.
To understand this, we need to first go back to the definition of disease in Heilkunst. Once you understand that a pathogenic disase is merely a certain type of disease, and that the principles of treatment or prevention are always the same regardless of the disease type, you can easily see that the concept of immunization will equally be valid as well for emotional or physical shocks and traumas.
So someone who knows that they’re going into a weekend of intensive physical activity of doing all the yard work to winterize their home, can take remedies such as arnica ahead of time, which will have the same effect as an immunization — the person will be ready for the onslaught of work, and will not nearly feel as sore or stiff by the end of the weekend.
Likewise, someone who is anticipating going through a challenging emotional situation, such as a stressful exam, or a difficult emotional dynamic in an upcoming family reunion, can take the appropriate remedies to cushion themselves for the pending impact.

So, immunization isn’t just for measles and chickenpox anymore! Now all of your diseases can receive the benefit of the simple are and science of prevention.

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