Some of the Blockages to Cure

In principle, every disease, and every imbalance is curable — yet why is it that some cases seem to get stuck, or reach a permanent plateau?



Some of the blockages to cure include:

  • An insufficient capacity in the practitioner to diagnosis the deeper issues of the patient. This is related to the fact that the act of diagnosis is itself dependent on the degree of health of the practitioner, and that they cannot help to bring a patient to a greater level of health than they themselves have obtained.
  • An insufficient knowledge of practical therapeutics related to the specific needs of the case. It can happen that while the diagnosis is correct, the specific therapeutic application is either unknown, at least to the degree required to be implemented. In principle, a true diagnosis will always reveal the FORM of the remedy needed, but its content (ie specific details) may not yet be known.
  • The patient is holding themselves back, whether at the conscious or unconscious level, either out of fear of moving forward, or due to some other attachment that they haven’t let go of yet. There are many examples of patients coming to realize at some point how they actually use their illness to manipulate the people around them, towards various ends. The issue of Münchausen syndrome is an example of this, where a parent unconsciously holds their child in a state of compromised health, in order that they can maintain their role of “caretaker”, or “martyr” and all the secondary benefits derived from being perceived this way.
  • The unwillingness of the patient to take certain steps in their life which are necessary to reach their health goals. The desire to be well, in this case, is overshadowed by the inertia of disease, and creates a type of “bootstrap” problem for the patient to create a positive momentum. It is amazing to see, sometimes, how patients cling to habits or relationships which are literally killing them. The force of disease can be rooted quite deeply, and produce such irrational forms of behaviour.

The good news, is that the general evolution of the science of Heilkunst tends to keep pace with the evolution of human consciousness, and the specific issues and blockages which come up are just representations of where our current growth opportunity is (either at the level of the individual practitioner, or the field of Heilkunst as a whole). The key to working through these moments, always, is to revert back to the basics of the scientific method itself, and apply the universal principles to whatever is appearing. The same principle applies to resonant relationships, which are due on a routine basis to hit some form of turbulence, while a new capacity of the relationship is being born.

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