Where in the World is Your Next Remedy?

There’s a type of remedy which is not based on substance (such as from nutrition or even a homeopathic remedy), but rather on essence. The realm of art and music provide a vast array of potential essence remedies, once we begin to catalogue the “objective feeling” of each piece. The objective feeling is separate from our individual subjective reactions to a piece, which may or may not even have been a conscious decision of the artist. The genius of an artist or any creator taps into this realm, whether at a conscious or unconscious level.

An appreciation of these objective feelings leads us to be able to prescribe art or music as a remedy for a patient, as appropriate for a given life issue or conflict they are working through within themselves. At another level, this is the same reason why certain relationships in our life have a therapeutic effect, and why we organically drop others as we unfold our health.

This idea can be applied at a number of levels. For example, you can look at the objective feeling of living in a given country, culture, or language, and what the therapeutic effect is on someone. This is the reason why some people relocate to an entirely different part of the world, when they feel a strong draw to a very different feeling from where they are currently living. Or at a smaller level, the experience which people have when they travel, and essentially expose themselves to the essence or state of mind of the place they are passing through.

The sentient soul phase, which occurs from about age 21 to age 28, is the time when the child has grown up, and has a natural impulse to leave the nest of the family home, and find their own place in the world. Whether this includes experimenting with different world views, religions, or philosophies, there is a form of travelling through different states of mind which are different from the parents. All of these experiences generally work as a remedy to help the child sever their identity from their families, and not just be a “chip off the old block”.

Another way of looking at this, is through the concept of ‘occurents’, which has to do with the events and experiences which happen to you. Whether we are directing the process consciously, or not, and whether we like it, or not, our occurents are drawn towards us as a function of our state of mind, and what is calling out to be transformed, or at least confronted. Accidents, chance encounters, and so on, are examples of occurents, which are yet another form of remedies we receive in terms of essence rather than substance.

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  1. Stephen Cobb

    Thanks, Jeff, for expanding on the concept of remedy.
    Have you checked out the New Materia Medica by Colin Griffith?

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