Some Reasons Why Vaccination Is Not Safe

Vaccination, and the methods which historically preceded it, have been under constant criticism for their very poor track record of safety. As barbaric as the method of variolation was a few centuries ago, modern vaccine practices have not really improved much on this question. There are numerous reasons why modern vaccination continues to have a poor track record, including its multiple additives and preservatives, as well as the individual genetic history in each family which predisposes some children to much more dramatic vaccine reactions.

All of these details are important to examine and understand when clarifying your approach to the vaccination question for your family, but for now I want to begin with some more basic principles and concepts which shed light on the vaccination safety issue.

Some of the fundamental laws of nature which Dr. Hahnemann illuminated apply equally to curative medicine as they do to preventive medicine — in other words, he discovered that the medicine best suited to cure a given disease (based on the law of similars), is the very same medicine which is best able to prevent the same disease. The law of similars, therefore, is equally effective as the law of cure as it is for prophylaxis (prevention).

While the law of similars had been known since the beginning of the history of medicine, it wasn’t until the 19th century when Dr. Hahnemann discovered a safe method for applying it that it finally became useful. Prior to this, the whole history of medicine had deliberately avoided the use of similars in the treatment of disease, as its application with a dose of crude (unrefined) medicine would cause damage or even fatality. When applied in a refined dose (dynamized and potentized), however, the power of the medicine to cure (or prevent) disease could be accessed without any side effects or other dangers.

The very same principle applies to modern vaccination — while the principle is correctly based on similars (ie giving a modified form of measles virus in order to prevent natural measles virus), the dose administered is too large, and therefore risky. The number of fatalities and long-term damage caused by vaccines is accounted for by this fact alone.

Also, in the case of modern vaccination, the method itself is one which sets up a much greater potential for harm. When you look at the way that our body naturally encounters a microbe in nature, it is our outer immune system (mucous membrane, skin, etc.) which is the entry point, from where the microbe gradually works its way deeper and deeper into the different layers of our immune system. The vaccine delivered by syringe directly to the blood stream acts like a Trojan horse, which suddenly makes the microbe appear at the centre of our immune system, which has not had a single hint or warning to start mounting a general defence.

This fact, on its own, is also responsible for much of the death and damage caused by vaccines. This short-sighted focus on the specific immune response, while ignoring the general immune system violates both the principles of safety as well as efficacy. This is the reason that I only reject the method of vaccination, and not its underlying concept which is based on the homeopathic principle of similars.

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