The Patient That Even Dr. Hahnemann Couldn’t Save

Along with his discovery of the principles of Heilkunst, the first patient which Dr. Hahnemann diagnosed was the medical system itself — he realized what was causing the tremendous sickness of this patient, and that it was based on a faulty belief or world view. The medical system, as a patient itself, cannot have its temperature taken, or its blood pressure measured, but what Hahnemann was able to clearly diagnosis was its faulty state of mind. The limiting belief behind Western medicine, what Hahnemann called the “old school”, is that all disease, and therefore all treatment, exists exclusively at the material level. The brutal treatment methods of the time, which included bloodletting, were an illustration of this belief system which said that since disease is material, then the treatment of disease must involve the removal of diseased matter.

Although medical technologies and practices have changed quite a bit in the past 200 years, this underlying philosophy has remained exactly the same, and so the results of conventional medicine essentially haven’t improved whatsoever. I know that it can be hard to see this, when all of the fancy medical equipment seems so impressive, but in terms of actually being able to diagnosis and cure the underlying disease itself, nothing has changed since the days of bloodletting.

One of the clearest examples in which to see this is in the approach to the treatment of cancer — you hear all the time about someone going through an apparently successful cancer treatment, yet weeks or months later, the cancer comes back. The usual explanation is that they must have “missed some of the cancer cells” in the surgery, but the fact is that even if all of the cells are removed, the systemic cancer disease itself hasn’t been touched. The cancer cell is the outer, material expression of the disease, but the underlying cancer disease itself is bioenergetic, and cannot be diagnosed or treated at the purely material level.

Unfortunately, this “old school” philosophy is not limited to conventional medicine, but is almost equally as prevalent in natural medicine, which focusses a lot on the same goal of removing the offending disease matter, but through more natural means. The result is the same – while the symptoms may be temporarily disappeared, the underlying disease lies in wait for its opportunity to manifest all over again in the same location in the body, or elsewhere.

Along the course of treating every Heilkunst patient, this belief system usually needs to be overturned at least to some degree within the patient’s understanding of their own health. Until they understand better, patients often think that they’ll be OK once the outward symptom, or disease matter is somehow removed. The true goal of treatment, thanks to the clear map of Hahnemann’s Heilkunst, is to remove the underlying disease itself in order to actually be able to declare a patient “cured”.

2 thoughts on “The Patient That Even Dr. Hahnemann Couldn’t Save

  1. Faye

    I read every blog post you make and they are all short, to the point and filled with knowledge. I truly enjoy your skill at making clear the sometime very murky world of health, disease and cure. This post specifically seems to be such a central pulse of the work of a Heilkunstler. It is reassuring to me as a student of Heilkunst to read this and trust I have found true knowledge in this path. Thanks Jeff!

  2. jkorentayer Post author

    Thanks, Faye – I’m glad you find the content useful. I’m pleased to say that I have learned a lot in the process of writing these blogs, myself.

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