Learning to Listen to the Voice of Intuition

Many things have changed since I first started my own Heilkunst treatment. In addition to all the improvements in my physical health, there have been very deep shifts in my overall state of mind, as well as my emotional perception of the world. I was remembering a story which I’d like to share today.

At one point early on in my treatment, I was at a health food store which sold some food items in bulk. Just before I started to scoop some dried fruit into a bag, an unfamiliar voice in my head said to me “Why don’t you use a plastic glove?”. I stopped in my tracks and considered for a moment, before answering back to myself “Don’t be silly – I never use those things”.

I proceeded to scoop my dried fruit into a bag, when a very irate woman approached me and began to give me a verbal thrashing for not using a glove, and therefore spreading germs. I apologized, and waited for the storm of her fury to pass, so that I could finish my business (now with a glove), and get on with my shopping.

It is a small story, but it was a big moment in terms of my connection to my inner voice of intuition awakening. The process of diagnosis in Heilkunst cannot be done (at least successfully) in a mechanical way, and aspects of emotional intelligence and intuitive knowing are prerequisite. This moment in the bulk food aisle was a sign to me of my own intuitive voice waking up through the process of my own Heilkunst treatment, and was actually quite exciting.

I do use a glove now at bulk food stores, if you were wondering.

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