Just One Drop?

I’ve gotten used to some of the most common reactions people have to their treatment, as well as to the concepts I explain to them in order to make sense of it. The dropper bottle remedies prescribed to patients often come with the instruction to “take 1 drop every day”. “Just One Drop!??!??” is one of the most common reactions to this instruction, as a way of saying “are you sure that one drop will be enough to have an effect on my health condition?”


The challenge at this point is that most patients, even the more alternatively-minded ones, are stuck in the belief system of materialism, meaning that the only things which can be considered ‘real’ are those things which are composed of matter (atoms and molecules, for example). Within such a material mindset, the only logical conclusion if something is ‘good’, is that “more is better”. And so, the conclusion tends to be that one drop of the homeopathic remedy couldn’t be enough, since it is such a tiny quantity.

To understand at least some of what the issue is behind this, we need to look at what a homeopathic remedy is in terms of bio-physics. Rather than trying to understand the effect of a remedy as an interaction of matter in the body (which isn’t what is happening), we point out that it is a bio-energetic, rather than a bio-chemical action. Bio-energy (ie ‘life’ energy, or ‘orgone’ energy) exists, as Dr. Reich pointed out, before matter, rather than after matter, and does not work on the basis of quantity, but rather quality.

This is a necessary level to work at in the treatment of disease, as the root of disease, itself, is also bio-energetic, and any of the symptoms which are produced by a disease may have visible, material component, but are not actually the disease itself. (This is another great point of education of patients — to learn the difference between treating symptoms versus treating the actual disease itself.)

Allyson McQuinn, in her book The Path To Cure, described a moment at the beginning of her treatment when just “1 drop” of her emotional support remedies literally floored her (if you’ve read this book, you’ll remember the scene where she was confined to the kitchen floor as she worked through this first healing reaction). After having such a visceral experience, I can tell you that she has never again had the thought that 1 drop of a remedy couldn’t possibly be enough.

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