Don’t Throw Out the Baby! Retaining the Valuable Concept of Vaccination

The bathwater has to go, but please keep the baby! I am often asked what my ‘position’ is on vaccination, with the expectation that I’ll respond that I’m against it. The truth of the issue is that a more nuanced question is needed here — at a minimum, there needs to be two questions to replace this one, which are “what do I think about the concept of vaccination?”, and “what do I think about the modern method of vaccination?”. Now I can at least start to explain how I’m for the former and against the latter.
The concept behind vaccination, then, is the baby that we’d like to hold on to in this case. The very dirty bathwater, though, is full of all the chemicals and additives mixed in with the vaccine, and which gets injected directly into the bloodstream of our babies. The method of this allopathic procedure, as it is with all of allopathic medicine, is one which is still grounded in crude, unrefined nature. Dosages of drugs are measured by the amount of matter they contain, which is already, by definition, overpowering of the subtle energy dynamics of our own living system.

Conventional vaccination is throwing another important part of the baby out, as well — that is, of the positive benefit contained within the experience of the childhood diseases and their fevers. By completely blocking (or in this case, suppressing) the natural disease process, the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of development that would have been stimulated by overcoming the disease are lost to the child. If success in healthcare is only defined in negative terms (ie NOT getting a disease), then these positive benefits are missed.
This is not to say that disease can or should be ignored, and allowed to have its way with us — this is where the true concept of immunization needs to be understood and applied. By correctly understanding the homeopathic principle of disease treatment or prevention (the law of similars), the benefits of the disease can be obtained while allowing the patient to have a refined dose of the disease in question (a so-called ‘homeopathic’ dose), which allows them to bypass the risky aspects of contracting that same disease in nature.

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