Potentizing Sex From Crude to Refined Nature

Yesterday, I presented an example of Dr. Hahnemann’s distinction between crude and refined nature by illustrating the difference between ‘matter’ and ‘substance’, and today I’d like to further illustrate this concept through the topic of the sexual function.

At its most basic level, crude nature utilizes sex in the act of procreation, or sexual reproduction. We are probably all well aware of the mechanics involved in making a baby as an example of the overt or outward expression of this aspect of crude nature. I say ‘crude’ here simply in the sense of an overt physical manifestation of a process in nature which is outwardly visible to us.

There is, however, a very different function of sex which is not related to making babies, and in this more refined function, the ‘conception’ is not of a baby, but is occurring at the level of consciousness. Notice how the word ‘conception’ carries this dual meaning, depending on the context. A further distinction within this is between the ‘climax’, and the ‘orgasm’ where the former is more a function of crude nature, and the latter more of refined nature. Especially with the teachings of of Mantak Chia’s The Multi-Orgasmic Couple, or similar material, it becomes clear that there is something very different going on in a climax than in an orgasm.

On this note, in the assessment of someone’s health, what starts to become clear is that the climax on its own does not create a complete energy discharge, and the result is a gradual build up of undischarged life energy, which gets recycled into secondary expressions, such as physical symptoms, or other psychological or characterological expressions (such as neurosis).

There is a process of potentizing the sexual function up from its basic crude level into the more refined expression of the full orgasm function. Just like a homeopathic remedy, the more highly potentized it is, the greater is its potential effect for healing and expanding our consciousness, and to give ‘birth’ to a more complete expression of our individuality.

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