The Genius Economy

There’s another economy which we are all a part of, which is different from the usual financial one we always hear about. The economy of genius is one which we all participate in, as an extension of the unique individuality and desire function which we each have. I’ve written many times about the life and work of the contributors to Heilkunst, including Hahnemann, Reich, and Steiner, who were very clearly geniuses (with the biggest capital ‘G’ you can find).

While there are few geniuses in the sense of these and similar giants, everyone has an inner capacity for genius at their own scale, and which it is necessary for our health to activate as fully as we are able. I’ve written previously about the different aspects of how to find our resonance and our objective desire function, and these explorations are the most direct way to find our own inner capacity for genius.

The reason I refer to this as a type of ‘economy’, is that the collective consciousness at any given point in human evolution is the sum total of all of the individual genius which has already been activated. Once it is activated, it contributes to the collective consciousness, and circulates within this economy. The more that I activate my own potential and my capacity for genius, the easier it becomes for anyone else to activate theirs, as they have the benefit of whatever I have deposited into this economy. This idea is a little bit of a parallel with the “100th Monkey” theory, where a certain threshold of consciousness is awakened once enough individuals have reached that point themselves.

The blockages to activating this on an individual level include all of the disease categories addressed by Heilkunst medicine, as, by definition, every disease engendered in the human organism create a blockage to our creative capacity or genius potential. You can add this to your definition of health, and expect any well-trained physician to assess how much their patient has activated their genius potential as part of their overall assessment of health.

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