The Challenge of Treating the Ontic Organization

I’ve previously outlined the four bodies active within our dynamic physiology, and how they interact both in health and disease. The lower three bodies (physical, etheric, and astral) correspond to the three kingdoms of nature (mineral, plant, and animal), while the fourth one (the ontic organization) is unique to humans. This uniqueness also makes for unique challenges in treatment, as the ontic truly represents “the final frontier” of our health journey, and is the bridge out of the realm of natural therapeutics into spiritual medicine.

I’ve written about a few of the aspects which are addressed at this higher level of treatment (you can review some of my previous blogs on the university level of Heilkunst treatment, for example), and I want to share a homeopathic remedy I came across today which I found to be quite interesting to consider in use at this level of treatment.

The remedy is aqua pura (pure water), which is fascinating for a number of reasons. First of all, in the traditional method of potentizing homeopathic remedies, the medium that is usually used includes water, and so this begs the question of whether something other than water would be needed as the potentizing medium for aqua pura. For those of you who have studied Steiner’s epistemology, this may remind you of the fundamental conundrum of epistemology, which asks the question “How can we come to know what thinking is, when we need to use thinking itself to grapple with the subject at hand?”, or “How can we ever objectively know thinking with our thinking?”. This was the first clue for me that aqua pura may be useful as a medicine at this level of treating the ontic. Reading Steiner’s works on this subject to their conclusion leads to the most amazing thought forms, and creates a very visible bridge through the human being from the natural world to the spiritual or divine kingdom, to which we are very much connected.

The other clue was that the symptom picture of this remedy pointed quite clearly to a form of the cancer miasm, which is a very clear manifestation of a weakened ontic organization. This also includes any number of symptoms displaying a weak physical immune system, which is the functional counterpart to the weakened sense of self in cancer.

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