Heilkunst Pop Quiz

It’s time for a quick “reading comprehension” quiz. Simply passively reading my blogs probably represents the lowest form of learning and retention, so get out a notepad to write “true” or “false” for the following statements, and take a more active role in your learning today:

  1. The system of Heilkunst is based on Dr. Hahnemann’s revival of the ancient “law of similars”, which is the universal principle for treating all health problems.
  2. Even some of the deeper genetic patterns of inherited disease can be reversed in a sequential homeopathic and homotonic treatment.
  3. Someone with no symptoms has no need for a health care plan – but it is a good idea for them to keep the phone number of a Heilkünstler on hand in case a symptom ever pops up.
  4. Someone starting a homeopathic treatment plan must first give up the use of all strong oils and smells, including any mint and coffee.
  5. Prescribing the homeopathic constitutional remedy to a patient will actually not cure any of their diseases.
  6. The principles of Heilkunst are designed to mimic our innate healing power.
  7. The aim of health is to achieve a state of homeostasis, which is simply a more technical word for “balance”.
  8. The “law of attraction” is not congruent with the principles of Heilkunst.
  9. A Heilkunst treatment plan cannot begin before having a concrete diagnostic label identified by an MD.
  10. The definition of a total state of health includes an individual’s activation of their unique purpose in life.

Hang on to your answer sheet to see how you did when I publish the answers tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Heilkunst Pop Quiz

  1. Phill

    Thank you for all the “teachings” conveyed in these many posts. Being a witness to your ever growing state of health – as you describe it – has been rewarding and encouraging. I am amazed at your own display of generative power, writing fervently and prolifically about this art of curing.

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