Heilkunst Pop Quiz : (Answer Key)

Here are the Answers from yesterday’s pop quiz. Let me know in the comments how you did, and if there were any surprises for you :

1) False. The law of similars is one of three primary laws of treatment, relating to the three distinct jurisdiction of Heilkunst, including medicine (law of similars), regimen (law of opposites), and education (law of truth).

2) True. We’ve seen some remarkable cures take place for medical conditions which are normally presumed to be “incurable”, such as deep patterns of heart disease. The eight chronic miasms affect everyone to various degrees, and we will systematically treat them all.

3) False. This represents the worst type of thinking in healthcare, where “success” is measured as a removal symptoms, rather than by a comprehensive understanding of what health really is. If you get rid of a symptom, are you asking yourself “where did it go?”.

4) False. This is one of the biggest myths of homeopathic treatment, which still persists from the world of Classical Homeopathy. July 21

5) True. The constitutional remedy helps to support and balance the whole organism, yet is not at all directed at any specific disease.

6) False. This is part of the problem of the natural health movement as a whole, which consciously or unconsciously promotes the false belief that we cannot do better than nature. The truth is, that our innate healing power may do a brilliant job at helping us to maintain a state of health, yet produces catastrophic results when it tries to help is get rid of a disease, which it is not capable of doing on its own.

7) False. There is a polarity between homeostasis AND palingenesis – representing both the sustentive and generative powers. The higher goals of health have much more to do with palingenesis, where homeostasis provides more of a support to this.

8) True. While the so-called “law of attraction” sounds like it fits into Heilkunst, it has a very different meaning than the law or principles of resonance.

9) False. This is actually one of the points which brings patients into Heilkusnt treatment, particularly when they get frustrated by a lack of diagnosis, despite being referred to different specialists.

10) True. This is the counterpart to the idea that health is not simply an absence of symptoms, but an actual positive state in its own right.

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