How a Heilkünstler is like….. (part one)

Everyone and everything that shows up in our life is a reflection of something that is happening inside of us.

-Alan Cohen

I’m often thinking about different ways of explaining Heilkunst in a way that makes more sense to a layperson. It’s certainly a big challenge, but I have come across a few thought forms which help me to do this. One way is to compare the thoughts and structure of Heilkunst with the essence of other professions, such as:


How is a Heilkünstler like:

  • A lawyer : At the foundation of the legal system is the idea of distinct jurisdictions. A traffic ticket, for example, can only be processed in traffic court, and not in family court. A lawyer needs to be 110% clear in their own mind about the jurisdiction(s) which their client’s issue pertain to, and likewise, the Heilkünstler does the same with their patient’s treatment plan, being abundantly clear about which issues need to be dealt with in the regimenal jurisdiction, which in the medical jurisdication, and which belong to therapeutic education.
  • An architect : The in-depth knowledge an architect must have about the overall structure of a building, and what capacity it has to hold up in the face of given stressors is very much like a Heilkünstler’s knowledge of the overall structure of their patient’s case, and why it is necessary to follow a given sequence of treatments rather than another. Insufficient knowledge of the structure of a case can lead to disastrous explosions or implosions, and usually at moments which are least expected to the practitioner and the client.
  • A matchmaker : Yes – you know that person in your community who seems to have a knack for knowing exactly who needs to meet whom? Such individuals have a special talent for discerning the potential underlying resonance between two people, and is generally quite successful at pairing people up. As Steven Decker has said, Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon is the world’s first “scientific dating manual”, as it lays out the medical principles for connecting a patient with the medicines or therapeutics which they need based on resonance. The homeopathic principle of similars can be expressed more acurately as “the law of similar resonance”. Every aspect of Heilkunst is based on delivering therapeutic agents or interventions on the basis of resonance.

Part two of this article here:


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