How a Heilkünstler is like…..(part two)

Concluding yesterday’s explorations of “How is a Heilkünstler like……”

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  • An orchestra conductor : In the Heilkunst clinic or hospital of the future, where every department is staffed by specialists from every medical discipline, there will still need to be a general practitioner who conducts the intake of each patient, and then masterfully orchestrates that patient’s journey through the various assessment and treatment departments according to the unique structure of their case. If you’ve ever been to a symphony concert, and witnessed the cacophony of all the instruments tuning up suddenly transform into order when the conductor arrives and waves the baton, then you’ll have a sense of how today’s healthcare system can likewise be transformed by such a conductor of health who can properly co-ordinate and synthesize all the varied parts and practitioners.
  • A firefighter : While Heilkunst medicine shines in its ability to deeply transform people while overturning long-term chronic disease and conditions, there is a need periodically to rush in and put out a fire on an emergency basis. Some patients, in fact, begin their Heilkunst journey on the basis of seeking help for a present acute health issue, which usually reveals itself to be the tip of a much deeper disease complex.
  • An old West sheriff – Nope – there’s no wind chimes or faery dust inside a Heilkünstler’s office – the job of annihilating (ie curing) disease is serious business, and it takes quite a sharp shooter to identify and then shoot the enemy on sight. Studying the “wanted” posters at the post office every morning, the Heilkünstler studies the faces of all of the diseases plaguing the town (ie the patient), and is ready to shoot first and ask questions later. Diplomacy and talk has no place with some of these scoundrels (ie diseases), who only speak the language of the gun and the bullet (ie the homeopathic medicine).
  • A murder detective – The smoking gun, the footprint left in the mud, and the fingerprints left behind at the victim’s home are all clues which need to be studied very closely, if the Heilkünstler will be able to correctly identify the murderer (ie the disease), and prove conclusively that they are to be held responsible for the patient’s disease(s). Keen observation of all of the suspects’ character flaws, anomalies in their behaviour and expression, and other subtle signs which point to something just not seeming quite right about the case are necessary to reveal what’s really going on.
  • An Olympic Coach – Inspiring the athlete (ie the patient) to work through their intensive training program (ie treatment plan) in order to reach their highest potential (ie health goals) takes a level of focus and commitment which is equal to the athlete’s themselves. Some patients aspire to the level of gold performance in their life and health, and need to be supported by a system of healthcare that is able to go the distance with them.

2 thoughts on “How a Heilkünstler is like…..(part two)

  1. Tess

    I find the final analogy of heilkunstler is like an Olympic coach interesting, as I found, watching the 2012 Olympic coverage, I could strongly identify with some of the athletes stories. Kind of felt silly, since I spend most of my time fatigued in bed lol-I am glad I’m not the only one to find parallels 😀 The similarities I saw were being a professional athlete and a Heilkunst patient can both mean dedicating yourself to an ambitious, not readily achievable goal, which may take years to accomplish, involve unavoidable pain (physical injuries in case of athletes, healing reactions for patient) and bring you to the limits of what you feel you can endure at points, requiring determination and fortitude to keep going. Also the potential payoff is very high in both cases: to become an Olympic medalist-best in the world at your sport vs orgiastic potency-the best version of oneself!

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