What Can be Assessed with a CoRe Scan?

The CoRe-Inergetix system I use to assess and treat patients has a broad range of applications, and is most useful in a Heilkunst context since it can be customized based on the specific knowledge we draw in for diagnosing and treating patients.

This brief video gives a few examples of what we are able to assess in the patient using my customized CoRe trays.


3 thoughts on “What Can be Assessed with a CoRe Scan?

  1. Faye

    Great video Jeff! Would information on how to use a CoRe to this level be covered in the DHHP program in the new upper level modules?

  2. jkorentayer Post author

    Yes – the new AO study program is ultimately grounded at the practical level in how to integrate such trays as these into a complete healthcare plan for the patient.

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