Some Doorways Into Awakening Resonance

As you know, ‘resonance’ is the central concept of Heilkunst in all of its modes of application. The biggest take-home assignment which the patient receives is to learn to recognize, and take action in their life on things which are resonant to them, rather than attractive. This is easier said than done, as there are many things which keep us from having full access to our resonance organ, and it is often the case that what we think is resonant for us is actually based on attraction.
Activating your resonance organ actually takes a concerted effort for most of us, as it has usually been “dumbed down” by the so-called education system (if it were a true ‘education’ system, it would successfully draw out every student’s individual resonance, but I digress….), as well as blocked by disease, conflicts, armoring, and so on.
A few small exercises you can try to take the first steps of re-establishing contact with your resonance organ:

1) Choosing from a restaurant menu – intentionally set your focus on finding the most “resonant” choice, rather than the one which is habitually, or “intellectually” correct according to some dietary principles you follow. Beware of the jaws of attraction ready to chomp down on you at the dessert page!
2) Get inside a sense impression – Normally, we experience the things we see and hear around us as being external or “out there”, but take a moment to turn this inside-out, and feel as deeply as you can the inner response which spontaneously arises within you related to an “object” – there is valuable knowledge at the centre of this.
3) Desire or aversion? Navigate a given environment or context with a heightened question in your mind of whether you are drawn in, or repelled by any given thing or person. This goes hand-in-hand with point #2 above.
4) Grocery shopping without a list – wander the aisles of your local store, emptying your mind of any usual shopping habits, and see what is truly calling to you. As always with grocery shopping, don’t do this when you’re extremely hungry to begin with!
5) Resonance through art – explore a variety of art works (any medium – visual, music, etc.), and find pieces which draw you in, and particularly which reveal to you something about yourself. Writing about these experiences can be valuable, as well.

One thought on “Some Doorways Into Awakening Resonance

  1. Sheena

    Perfect! I love your posts. I have noticed when walking in resonance that if I make a big life choice based on attraction then I go off course entirely. I have to recognize what I just did that changed the road map, rewrite it if I can, and then I will realign with the map that was leading me to my highest self. I needed these steps to better cultivate my own sense of resonance and realign. Reminds me of the movie the Adjustment Bureau.

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