Healthy Expression on the Path To Health

The concept of “the direction of cure”, in very abbreviated form, would read “better out than in”. An unchecked natural disease will always burrow itself deeper into the organism, affecting organs and systems which are more essential for our well-being and survival. The direction of cure, after a correctly prescribed remedy, will always go in the opposite direction, and ultimately push a disease and its residue out to the surface, such as in a skin eruption, or other modes of discharge of the body or mind. A child who throws a tantrum, in this sense, is healthier than one who learns to bottle up their emotions, and lock the energy down into a pattern of interference with one or more of their healthy functions.

To put it into more positive terms, then, the aim of health is always to choose expression over suppression. Expression of what, though? A rambling, incoherent, and uncoordinated flow of verbiage is not a particularly high expression of health. Someone, on the other hand, who has connected to their own objective desire function, and expresses what they are exploring and discovering in their process of unfolding it illustrates a much higher form of healthy expression.

The so-called education system (aka the public school system) is highly successful at suppressing the unique interests and talents of every individual student, as the “standardized curriculum” is promoted as the gold standard. It is common that most high school graduates and young adults have been so “dumbed down” by this, that it becomes a real struggle to connect with their inner resonance function. I see this in my patients day in, and day out at the clinic. I think that this is one of the reasons our culture has such a reverence for artists and musicians, as we long to be able to express our own uniqueness so clearly and fluently.

A big part of becoming and staying healthy includes any number of modalities which help us to re-kindle this inner voice, and capacity for expression. I’ve written previously about the benefits of journalling, and I often encourage my patients to engage in some form of the expressive arts as part of their Heilkunst treatment plan.

How are you activating your unique expression?

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