The Healative Power of Sexual Fantasies

The strong nature and importance of our sexual energy goes to the core of the definition of health. There is much against us in its full expression, including all of the inner conflicts and beliefs that have interfered with its natural unfolding and evolution. In a sense, all the work that we do with diet and lifestyle, and then the homeopathic and homotonic remedies are all just “kindergarten” and “grade school” to prepare us to tackle the “university” and “post-graduate” issues at this core level.

Part of the challenge, within our Western consciousness, is that we’re largely stuck in mechanical and/or mystical ideas about love and sexuality, and it takes a lot of work to become grounded instead in a healthier sense of this.  A lot of the “advice” and “self-help” books in this area usually make the problem worse, despite their good intentions.

As you know from my previous blogs on Heilkunst, disease is an impingement on our “generative power”, which is the root of our sexual energy. The further a patient gets into their treatment (time line, miasms, etc.), and the healthier one becomes, the more these issues become central to your consciousness, and the more critical it becomes to get properly grounded at this level. Cultivating a healthy, monogamous relationship is one of the best “remedies” that you can take in this context, which helps to push out all the negative issues to the surface (just as the medicines do).

The earth consciousness is all about polarity. The fundamental and pervasive maculine – feminine polarity (within us and all around us) is constantly seeking to fulfil the purpose of creating new life or consciousness. In 1,000 different ways, people attempt to avoid facing this reality in their lives, but when it comes to health and consciousness, it cannot continue to be avoided without paying a price.

Along with the intelligent selection of homeopathic medicines to release the various issues impinged on our healthy sexual function, there is a capacity of our imagination to further release blockages here through a focussed used of sexual fantasy.  What is the current content of your sexual fantasies? The structure, type and energy of your fantasies are a good way to diagnose what the underlying blockages are — in other words, to the degree that your natural sexual energy is being distorted, it will be connected with particular types of content within your fantasy life.

Don’t worry, as it is “safe” to explore this within the privacy of your own imagination, and it is not necessary to act on any of the content in the real world. Just use it to identify what the basic characteristics and qualities are that you tend to connect with, within your inner fantasy realm — Do you tend more towards fantasizing about aggressive or more passive sexual encounters? Dominant or submissive roles? Strange or distorted approaches to sex? Single or multiple partners? Certain fixations (such as “anal”, “oral”, etc.)? And so on.

As a patient works through these different aspects of their energy, we’ll keep following it with remedies as necessary, to help them to let go of some of the “negative” content, and conflicts held within. Journalling is an excellent way to explore and capture some of these inner energies and structures, as well as to witness how they are being transformed over time through the treatment process. It is also a safe way to explore content that is not socially acceptable, “taboo”, or simply unnecessary to activate in a real life setting. If this is done in the context of an existing relationship, which is already relatively healthy, a tremendous amount of energy can be released to move and evolve it forward to new levels.

All of the above can be explored to many dimensions within these ideas, and then the whole discussion can also be re-applied to further levels of our generative power, beyond the level of physical sex (eros), up to the functional level of the etheric body, the more general desires in our life of the astral body, and finally up to manifesting our higher purpose of our ontic, or “self”.

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