How to Explain Heilkunst to each of the Genotypes

Each of the six genotypes (homeopathic constitutions, or personality types) has their own tendency to think and feel in certain characteristic ways, and to uniquely process the world around them.

How would I explain Heilkunst medicine to each of the genotypes?

  • Silicea : What was the origin of Heilkunst, both historically and conceptually? What form of scientific consciousness gave birth to this new form of medicine? How does it access the universal and eternal archetypes of the human mind as represented by the forms of nature? How does Heilkunst follow the laws of nature, and a true form of scientific principle and method?
  • Phosphorous : The science of Heilkunst is based on resonance – the only medical science to be based on the act of matchmaking, or bringing together two beings into a resonant union. Heilkunst is built on true romance – between the patient and a medicine, or other therapeutic agent. The goal and effects of Heilkunst are to bring the patient to their highest form of health, where they are able to activate their own resonance in their life.
  • Lycopodium : What is the rational basis for the system of Heilkunst? How does it raise the field of natural medicine up into a more rational form of therapeutics, rather than being based on custom or tradition? Illustrate how every part of Heilkunst is based on a rational scientific method, rather than empiricism or hunches.
  • Pulsatilla : The Heilkunst physician must develop a deep, participative, and emotional bond with the patient in order to diagnosis from what’s going on at their core, rather than at their surface. Instead of being detached, and “objective”, the therapeutic relationship is based on a warm, living connection between doctor and patient.
  • Calcarea : The systematic and structural organization of Heilkunst ensures a predictable approach to treatment, without any sudden changes or surprises. How do the various therapeutic modalities of Heilkunst fit into the overall structure? The patient works in a very rhythmic way, following up every 28 days which mirrors the natural cycle of the life energy. Changes to the patient’s lifestyle are introduced slowly, and allowed to be integrated over time so that they are adopted organically.
  • Sulphur : Heilkunst is a truly “outside the box” way of thinking, which is a true revolution to the old philosophies of medicine, and a bomb to the established institutions. The process of treatment strips away all disease and imbalance, revealing more and more of the patient’s unique individuality.

2 thoughts on “How to Explain Heilkunst to each of the Genotypes

  1. Stephen

    Great way to play to the natural strengths of each constitution so that Heilkunst is understandable.

    Moreover, the polarities of relationships come into play between patient and practitioner. For example, some of my Lycopodium patients yearn for the Pulsatilla in me – a warm emotional connection to balance their rational intellects.

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