The Periodic Table According to Relative Abundance (Homeopathic Remedies for Unblocking the Self)

I remember in my first year university Psychology Class the first time I saw a ‘homunculus’, which is a visual representation of what a human body would look like if it were proportioned according to how we actually emphasize in our minds the relative importance of various sensory inputs. This struck me, as one of many moments in my life, where something was revealed about a hidden reality, and not obviously apparent on the surface.

I recently came across a similarly thought-provoking illustration, which is a periodic table re-drawn in graphical form to illustrate the relative abundance of each element in the earth.

Image No Longer Available

This is particularly interesting from the perspective of homeopathic prescribing, where the whole periodic table is understood as a representation of the various stages of development we each go through (the rows on the periodic table) and the particular conflicts we face as we achieve each stage of development (the columns on the table). Despite any errors which may be represented by this particular drawing, the concept is still intriguing regarding the idea of human evolution, and how the particular state of the earth at any given point in time (geologically, meteorologically, etc.) is a mirror of the current mode of human consciousness. Likewise, this particular drawing was created in the 1970s, and it would be interesting to see an updated version, and if the emphasis shifts more to the later rows in the table (ie corresponding to evolution moving into later stages in development).

What other graphical illustrations do you know of which portray the reality of the human condition in a way which does not normally meet the eye?

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