Doing Everything Right, But…….

There’s a certain type of patient who comes to see me, who appears to be “doing everything right” for their health, yet they continue not to be well, and not to be improving. Maybe even more than with other patients, this groups prompts me to search much more deeply to find out what is going on below the surface.

I know that for myself, this was the situation my health was in before I started Heilkunst treatment, and I was very frustrated with my poor health. Without knowing anything about nutritional typologies (blood type, glandular type, metabolic type), which I now use extensively with most patients, I had put myself on a dietary regimen which I believed to be beneficial, but was actually the worst possible diet for my health. I am an O blood type, with a glandular dominance of the thyroid, and had I realized the implications of this, I would never have chosen a vegetarian / carb-centric diet for myself. I believed that the vegetarian lifestyle was the most healthful, and so I pushed myself further and further down this unhealthy path, until the point where I had almost no energy, and a very poorly functioning immune system.

I use this as an example of one of the ways in which a patient may believe they are doing the right things for their health, but actually making themselves worse in the process. Not having a clear understanding of typology leaves one susceptible to simply following “common sense”, or the latest best-selling diet book fad, or the industry-driven advice of the Canada Food Guide. Following the advice of empiricism, or even worse, marketing, will never be be better for you than a solid assessment based on principles.

The other huge gap in my knowledge in those years, as it is for most people, was my ignorance of the difference between the two distinct jurisdictions of regimen and medicine. Not only was I wrong in my choice of diet for myself, but I was equally wrong in believing that all health issues can be solved simply through a good diet and lifestyle. The domain of regimen is different from medicine, and attempting to solve a medical problem (ie a true disease) with regimenal changes (diet and lifestyle) is seriously misguided. Someone’s diet may actually be the perfect one for them, but if their health issues are coming from a disease rather than a dietary imbalance, then they will continue to get worse until the disease itself is addressed.

I certainly learned a lot from living through the consequences of such choices for myself, and I am glad to have a clear understanding now to help my patients who have put themselves into very similar states with their own health, based on such misguided choices.

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