Carry Your Own Internal Map of Health (Don’t Leave Home Without It)

The modalities of conventional medicine actually fit in as a part of the overarching treatment map of Heilkunst — they are not mutually exclusive as some might think. The role of surgery, and even a judicious use of pharmaceutical drugs or diagnostic imaging equipment (MRIs, x-rays, CT scans, etc.) can actually be a very valuable component of some treatment plans. In the total healthcare hospital of the future, all known modalities will exist side by side, and patients will be directed to the appropriate department at the correct time.

While such a hospital does not yet exist as a physical entity, the conceptual framework of Heilkunst does, and a well-rounded physician will artfully refer patients to various modalities in an intelligent sequence on their path to increasing health. When a patient does have need for some intervention from a conventional practitioner, it is essential that they have a very strong understanding of their own treatment plan, and what role the test or intervention is playing towards their overall health.

I say this because, unfortunately, most conventional practitioners have conceptual blinders on, and believe their system to contain all that any patient needs. While some of their techniques and technologies are virtually miraculous at the right time (witness the modern day emergency room at the hospital), the philosophy of emergency care is implicitly spread over the whole range of all healthcare needs, and the principles which work brilliantly in a life-and-death situation, actually cause much more harm than good in the long-term treatment of chronic illness.

Much of my work with patients is to help them to properly understand and internalize their own treatment map, so that when they elect to use a piece of conventional medicine for themselves, they do not get steamrollered by the doctor who would otherwise assume the whole scope of the patient’s treatment plan. This is simply another example of what it means to have and activate a healthy immune system, where the locus of control and direction for one’s life comes from within.

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