Do You Have a Remedy For….?

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive goes along the lines of “Do you have a remedy for <fill in the blank>?”. The answer is almost always “yes and no”. The answer is generally ‘yes’, because the framework of Heilkunst medicine is generally able to handle the full range of health issues, including both imbalances and actual diseases.

The answer is also ‘no’, because most people still speak about their health in a language which comes from the allopathic framework of assigning arbitrary disease names or labels to a given condition. A “migraine” or an “anxiety disorder”, for example, are at best a vague indication of what’s wrong with the person’s health at the visible surface level, but says nothing whatsoever about the actual cause, or the true disease which is behind this condition.

On first encounter with natural medicine, many people are simply looking for a “natural remedy” as a replacement for a known pharmaceutical drug. So, instead of getting a prescription for an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) drug, they ask for a herb or homeopathic remedy which will do the same, but with less side effects.

''Disease?" by Kathleen Franklin

This comes from a fundamental misunderstanding about where symptoms come from, and what a true disease is as opposed to a false condition label. We might be able to relate to this at another level, when we remember any experience where we feel misunderstood, or “mislabeled” by someone we met – someone who made all kinds of assumptions about what kind of person we are, but completely missing the mark.

Likewise, in a proper healthcare diagnosis and treatment, the effort is made to unearth the true essence and root of the problem, rather than aim for a “quick fix” to shift the symptoms as they appear on the surface. So when I’m asked “If I have a remedy for….”, I qualify my answer along these lines, and explain what the real question is behind their issue.

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