How Does the Inergetix-CoRe system work?

The central purpose of science is to strive “to know”. In the medical sciences, this goal is focussed on unearthing the true diagnosis of a patient’s disease, and what the most effective form of treatment would be for it. Dowsing is an ancient technique still used by some today, for finding underground sources of water, such as when a farmer needs to find where to drill a well. This video provides a basic demonstration of the technique:

The Inergetix-CoRe system which I use in the assessment and treatment of patients is simply another form of dowsing, as it is applied to unearthing and clarifying what is going on in the patient at the level of their disease matrix, or systemic imbalances. Just like in this video, all the various assessment “trays” which I run in a CoRe scan can be looked at as a whole pattern, to find where the lines are drawn, or to “connect the dots” between the bits of information in order to reveal a more coherent pattern underlying the patients state of health.

Patients will sometimes ask for a copy of their CoRe report, and I warn them that it isn’t necessarily easy to read at first, especially as our first tendency is to read all the bits of information separately, and not part of a whole pattern. This is akin to someone trying to teach themselves how to read a language, but not knowing how to go beyond the level of identifying each individual letter in order to start to put together the words and sentences where the meaning is conveyed.

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