A Look At “State of Mind” in Popular Culture

A fundamental concept in Heilkunst diagnosis is based on the understanding of every disease exhibiting a unique state of mind. The state of mind is much more than the thoughts which someone is thinking, but a deeper reality of how their consciousness itself is structured. The “constitution” of a country is a legal representation of its state of mind, and its culture (including cuisine, as well as the arts) represents its state of mind from another point of view.

The commercial world is full of creative attempts at marketing their services and products in unique ways, and some of the best ads play directly with their own company’s state of mind and/or how it compares with their competitor. The “I’m a Mac” ad series by Apple is a brilliant and hilarious example of this — the characters portrayed by Mac and PC are truly representative of the state of mind of each of the respective computer company. Computers, after all, are not just a pile of wires and plastic, but a representation of a particular state of mind.

A given corporate brand, in addition to having a unique state of mind, also represents a unique feeling. This is represented by any number of Coke or Pepsi ads, such as the following:


If you spend some time thinking about it, I’m sure you could come up with a number of similar examples illustrating the world through state of mind (inner essence) rather than the outer details (external form). It is the basis on which we truly get to know the people we are close to, and the beginning of a true life science based on quality instead of quantity.

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