Animals and Heilkunst

A number of years ago, I served a patient who was very concerned about her beloved dog.  He had developed inflammation in his right rear knee and she didn’t want to take him to the veterinarian for more steroid shots or medication as it was producing iatrogenic complications due to the negative side effects.  It was interesting as my patient’s right knee was also something that she’d come into our Clinic to be treated for and was in the throes of resolving through Heilkunst Treatment.  The underlying cause, of course, was the same for both of them.  Both owner and dog are without restriction and inflammation 5 years later at this writing.  I followed the same principles of Heilkunst Medicine for her dog as I did for her.

Around about the same time, another patient came to me as her dog had a hardened cyst on his genitals.  He was a show-dog and she wanted to see if we could address this issue in tandem to the cysts we’d shrunk on her ovaries.  When she’d first come to see me, her cysts were the size of golf balls and at the time, they were more like the size of a pea.  Again, the issues for both the owner and her dog resolved after we treated the issues both for the pathic expression and tonically for the root cause for both of them.

More recently, I’ve been treating a patient’s horses for events on both of their timelines where the animals have “Never Been Well Since” (NBWS).  One suffered iatrogenesis (Dr. induced disease) after a vaccination and the other developed an issue where the horse ended up with baler twine wrapped around it’s neck to the point of near suffocation.  I’m pleased to say that, as a result, both of these animals are doing well with their timeline treatment.  Out of a sense of duty and also knowing that the root cause is similar to their human’s dynamic I felt compelled to treat her horses.  Doing nothing was beyond the scope of my imagination.

Having studied the relationship between man and beast over the last 17 years, I’ve decided to open up this aspect of my practice to include animals.  To be clear, I’m not a Veterinarian of any kind, however, after owning my own farm for several years, having my horses, sheep, cats and dog treated with success solely using these principles I can champion the positive effect on 36 my own animals over 7 years, in addition to the others that I’ve served.  In that time, I’ve successfully treated a great variety of ailments both acute and chronic ailments.

Thankfully, I’ve also been mentored and guided by Heilkunst Practitioners schooled in the treatment of animals, as well as more Holistically trained Veterinarians, while at the same time, treating other patient’s animals for their chronic diseases over the past 9 years.  At this juncture, I feel ready to take this aspect of Heilkunst treatment on more formally at present of course keeping in mind the appropriate jurisdiction.  I also have a small group of colleagues who’ve offered to mentor me in case I should need a leg up so to speak.

Here are some pictures of our Heilkunst treated animals (and humans!):

Terra, our Samoyed, with Adie.

Oliver, our barn cat, who lived in the house!

My favored kitty, Smokey, in the Calendula.

Lilly-iam with Adie, after it was discovered he was a boy duck!

Snowbeast, our phenomenal Banty rooster.

Myrna and her baby, Aphrodite

(the latter broke her front leg which I set and treated with homeopathic rx).

Our 3 year-old Morgan filly, Baby, with our daughter Adie.

Our 27 year old Appaloosa, Teddy, and Baby with Adie and our trainer, Emily.

Three baby goats, Carmie, Maple and Sera, which I’ve treated over the last several years on my best friend’s farm, with our son, Jordan.

At this juncture, you may be asking why a person’s illness matrix will show up in their dog, cat  or their horse?  Thankfully this question has already been addressed by my colleague Jeff who wrote this blog on Ceasar Milan’s work as a Dog Whisperer.  You can read his blog here.  The one I wrote, on the same subject in 2008, is also available, which should give you another  perspective on the same reasoning behind why our animals participate our human diseases.  You can read my other blog article here.

As a result, of the intrinsic dynamic between human and animal, I will only be treating the animal of patients already being treated by Heilkunst.  Based on the links above to Caesar’s work on the owner’s character structure, also realizing that the animals in our care are just a mirror of our unresolved issues.  There really is no point in treating an animal in a vacuum without it’s owner.  Like a patient who may just want their child treated using the principles of this system of medicine, the child will reach his/her limitation based on the parent’s health and well-being as we go through the process of peeling their onion with timeline therapy.  If there is a stricture in the parent’s disease matrix, the child can not move beyond this place in their own treatment, without risk of the re-infection of the state of mind.  Until all the players are addressing the root cause of their ills using principled medicine the case will be mired …  the same is true for the animal in their care.

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7 thoughts on “Animals and Heilkunst

  1. Ronit Aboutboul

    Dear Allison,
    Synchronicity in action leads me to ask you if you would be willing to proof read a chapter out of a book that I’m writting on the interactions and links that exist between my animal patients and their caretakers-owners- hyumans. I’m a veterinarian and a homeopath. My book is about homeopathy and its healing action on animals and their humans.
    I’ve been following your website for sometime now; we’re also part of the same linkedin homeopathy group. I think that we have quite a lot in common and would be honnored to get your opinion. Love you work!

  2. amcquinn Post author

    With pleasure! You can send the manuscript through to my e-mail address at and I’ll be happy to review. Also, I’d be happy to furnish you with a testimonial for your book, if you’d like. Thank you for your kind comments. Allyson

  3. carol Fox

    I wish I was aware at the time that you treat animals because my dog just passed away on 11/6/13 the vet said it was a tumor on his spleen but they only gave an him an xray, in retrospect I feel I was pressured in putting him to sleep right then and there,I had no chance to think straight, and am so brokenhearted

  4. amcquinn Post author

    Dear Carol,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Rudolf Steiner explains that the spleen is the mediating organ between our spiritual, more cosmic ensouled selves and our physical, mineral bodies. It enables us to consume earthly foodstuffs, converting it into consciousness. Be sure to let your Heilkünstler know of your grief so that it can be treated as a new timeline event. I know that I’d be devastated if it were my kitty Smokey. Warmest, Allyson

  5. Joanne

    Hi Allyson….thanks for reaching out. As stated this is mad scientists gone off the charts with biology. They have taken pathogenic insect viruses, baculovirus . and used recombinant technology to use a shuttle promotor that mediates gene expressionin in both insect and mammalian cells. This is how they overcome the roadblocks that God set in place between different species. They have to manipulate pH and biology to make this happen. They then transfect insect and mammilian cell lines to grow the antigens Parvo, distemper and other. These antigens themselves have been bioengineered. One could never fathom what they have created and how it is affecting a 8 week old puppy. He was 9 weeks Friday. I was weary of getting another dog knowing that they seem to resonate with our own energies….something I observed never having read about it until your articles. My last guy was sick a long time with chronic issues. That is why I definitely didn’t want to vaccinate him but the breeder notified me the day before that he had a small umbilical hernia which could be fixed when he gets neutered at 6 months. I had to think hard about taking that on knowing there can always be complications. I decided to go ahead feeling I couldn’t discard him because of this. The next day I met her and in the middle of the transaction she mentioned about him getting his second shot. I could not believe what I was hearing. I said of course he is unvax and she said no hevis vax and I knew that he was not to be. I couldn’t say no then but was very unsettled by all of this. She didn’t tell me that the day before or I would have said no for sure. I am not a homeopath but am familiar with many remedies as I took many for many years. I gave him 3 doses of Thuya, 1 arnica, 1 silicea and 1 apis over the period of a week. He seems less irritated but still dives into his back chewing not crying out so bad when he is doing it. He has the excessive neuromuscular shaking and breathing issues at times while sleeping. I don’t know what you think of his situation. I don’t know if homeopathy or any natural remidies work on this plane of biological manipulation. It would be hard to know what aspects of these organisms or incipients , adjuvants are affecting his system. You can let me know what you think and if you feel you could make a difference.

  6. amcquinn Post author

    Hi Joanne, The remedies you’ve given him would help, however, we can go much deeper by supplying the actual nosodes from the iatrogenic shock in much higher potencies, clearing the trauma on his sequential timeline. Let me know and we’ll set you with our Heilkunst Vet, Aleks Mikics. Hugs, Allyson

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