What Causes Varicose Veins and How To Treat Them Homeopathically?

The medical definition of varicose veins is a valve dysfunction causing swelling in the veins typically in the legs. It can be profoundly painful and folks who suffer can grow very self-conscious of the unsightly blue protruding veins.

Unfortunately most systems of medicine rarely get at the root cause for why an individual is suffering varicose veins and they may be prescribed thick, tight stockings to compress the veins against the leg. These can be hot and unwieldy in summer months.  If the issue becomes protracted, then surgery to remove the vein may be recommended by the allopathic physician. There are also other equally barbaric treatments that involve killing the veins using repeated doses of radioactive dyes which can have highly toxic side effects.

First of all, let us take a look at possible emotional reasons for why you’re suffering with varicose veins in the first place. The following are excerpts from “Messages From The Body” by Narayan-Singh Khasla,

“VARICOSE VEINS (Swollen veins due to improper heart valve functioning)

“Love is a poison apple.” They are experiencing deep emotional conflict and tension

concerning being able to love and nourish themselves, and about letting love in. They are also feeling that they are going in the wrong direction, and that they are not being able to be nourished by their surrounding resources. It started in a severely exploitive and rejecting family in which love was untrustworthy. They don’t feel that they deserve love, and in their experience, what passed for love in their family was most untrustworthy. So they now distrust love in all of its manifestations, and it is causing great problems for them in dealing with life.


“Leave well enough alone!” They are in a situation they hate, and they are full of seething resentment about the slow return of invested love. They are also feeling over-worked and overburdened. Yet they are convinced that they dare not speak the truth about the situation, for fear of the dire consequences. It is a discouragement and despair life orientation generated by an exploitive, withholding and suppressive dysfunctional family.


“Overload.” They are living a lifestyle that involves their being responsible for more than they can handle, and they are feeling overburdened and burned out. They desperately want to put an end to that, and they really want to run away from it all. They are deeply discouraged, and they are highly negative and resistant to their situation. They were placed in a position of heavy responsibility that was beyond their capacities by their dependent and dysfunctional family.


“Engulfment-anxiety.” They have a lot of concern about sharing their love with someone dependent on them, of losing their individuality and/or of becoming unlovable or unable to love.”

 Website: http://narayansinghkhalsa.cl


For those suffering inflamed, sore and itchy varices, the homeopathic remedies most often prescribed to cure the underlying cause, including the state of mind are:

  • Arsenicum Album – Look for burning and shooting pains in the legs with itchy varices especially behind the knees. Also the legs just may feel tired and heavy with swelling in the feet accompanied by burning, hard, black-blueish shiny vesicles on the instep. The patient may describe open ulcers on the soles of the feet and on the toes.

  • Calcarea Carbonica – There may be an overall swelling in the legs with burning and shooting ulcers where the varices are located. There may be a general fatigue in the legs with hard swelling and pain right into the malleoli joint in the ankle as well as the soles of the feet.

  • Hamamelis – The thighs will feel sore as if bruised with weakness in the knees. The varices will feel under pressure with prickling, stinging pains with much sensitivity.

  • Pulsatilla – there may be a pulling, or drawing, pain with great fatigue in the legs, especially the knees with numbness after standing for long periods. There will be pain in the tibia with tension and drawing in the calves accompanied by hot swelling of the legs and pain in the tibia as if from a bruise. The soles of the feet may also exhibit shooting pains when touched or during movement.

  • Graphites – There will be tension and pulling in the varicose veins upon extending the legs. The patient may describe stiffness and a want for flexibility in the knee which does not allow for squatting. The patient  will report cramps in the legs starting in the muscles of the calves and seizing the whole leg. There will also be congestion in the feet when standing upright with hardness and shooting pain.


In pregnancy we would add one more remedy indicated for varicose veins:

Ferrum – Will show up as stiffness and heaviness in the legs with swelling of the knees and the joints of the feet. There will be a drawing pain especially when starting to walk. There will also be cramps in the calves of the legs, the soles of the feet and the toes. The toes may be curled up and contracted producing violent tearings and shootings especially at night in the limbs.

Vitamin D3



About 20 minutes of full sun exposure a day, on your bare skin, is all you really need to stay whole and healthy. Vitamin D is one of those elements that the body stopped producing as a function of our evolution. However, we still need vitamin D to build and maintain strong, healthy bone structure and teeth.

If you’re not able to be exposed to sun on a daily basis, it can affect not only your bone density, but also your state of mind and immune function. We’re light bearers, as the iron in our blood actually metabolizes light and needs a regular source to help us feel enthused and healthy about ourselves and our lives.

If we risk times of depletion, like winter months in a more northern or southern climate, then supplementation is wholly necessary. While we use vitamin D3 drops in our home, as pictured above, foods such as cod liver oil, tuna, salmon, and sardines naturally contain high sources of vitamin D. In addition, broccoli, sesame seeds, raw milk and eggs can also be a reliable sources albeit more on the moderate side.

Vitamin D3 promotes the absorption of calcium that is critical to a baby’s, child’s, and teen’s growth and development, while also helping adults and more elderly folk prevent bone loss. At every age, we will replace every cell in our bodies, including our bones, every 7 years. It is important to ensure a bioavailable supply of vitamin D, so that the body does not have to struggle to source it out. Actually, this is why babes will suffer teething symptoms as it is due to a lack of bioavailability of minerals for constructing bone and teeth.

Vitamin D3 has been proven to boost our immune function while also decreasing the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, muscle weakness, rickets, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, hypoglycemia, and the development of type 2 diabetes, along with certain cancers such as colon, breast and prostate. Often skin issues, such as acne and psoriasis, can be improved with the supplementation of vitamin D3. In all cases above, though, it is best to address outright the predisposition for any of these diseases through principled medicine, as supplementation is healative, not curative.

Source: Linus Pauling Institute, http://bit.ly/OregonVitD

As per Dr. Mercola, “Additionally, a robust and growing body of research clearly shows that vitamin D is absolutely critical for good health and disease prevention. Vitamin D affects your DNA through vitamin D receptors (VDRs), which bind to specific locations of the human genome. Scientists have identified nearly 3,000 genes that are influenced by vitamin D levels, and vitamin D receptors have been found throughout the human body.” Also, Mercola goes on to dispel any myths around overdosing and harmful effects associated with the over use of vitamin D3 on his page below.

Source: http://bit.ly/MercolaVitD
Recommended Daily Dose
If you can sunbathe for 20 minutes per day year round, chances are you won’t need a vitamin D supplement. However, for us, the winter months in Canada are dark and we need about 2,000 I/U a day to get our vitamin D, in order to keep our immune function high and maintain healthy bones and teeth.