Preliminary Signs of Cancer in Children and How To Takes Steps To Prevent It

Recently my daughter was asked to do some work for some family friends.  They’d also hired another gal to work alongside her.  When I met the other young lass, the first thing I noticed was the blue sclera (the eyeball is supposed to be white) of her eyes.  I felt my Clinician/Momma radar sink with disappointment.  The girl also felt beyond shy, sad, and somewhat invisible.


Blue Sclera of varying degrees in the eyes of Children

She was a Silicea Constitution, meaning that she tends to be more IQ, and recharges her energy more from being alone than social.  She alluded to the fact that school was joyless for her, another sign that something was up, as Silicea types usually revel in academic achievement, even at mind-numbing state based institutions.  This gal also clearly lacked much of any engaging warmth or enthusiasm I typically see in a healthy child.  I could feel myself working to discern just how protracted the issue might be in her using my trained radar.

Kids with the cancer state of mind, will show up as pale and exhausted, suffering repeated infections, tummy aches and weird unexplained fevers that rarely spike high and lusty enough to get the microbial job done.  The life-force is stuttering.  There can also be constant feelings of  frustration, feeling thwarted with undertones of the un-lived life, perhaps rescuing their parents or siblings typically to the exclusion of themselves.  They will feel weak and will complain of being bullied at home and at school.  Their bodies will feel either too hard and taut or the opposite, too lax and flaccid.

We’ll also see joint, leg, bone or chronic muscular pain, rashes, bleeding of the gums, weakness or “gone away feeling”, low blood pressure, low red blood cells, or persistent vomiting without nausea.  Look also for sudden vision changes that persist with the need for new prescriptions.  Watch also for sudden weight loss, vitality, a milky, whitish spot behind the pupils, persistent headaches over the eyes especially in the morning.  Also dizziness, chronic constipation, dreams of losses, undischarged grief and feelings of living in the past can be symptoms of the cancer state of mind.

Now, if you’re a parent reading this and alarm bells are going off in your mind and the feeling of terror pricks up your spine, then try to calm yourself as there is much that can be done with whole foods, supplements, homeopathics and therapeutic education.  While radiation and chemmotherapy are an option, it is important to know that they have less than 3% efficacy.  That’s right, chemotherapy and radiation have actually never been scientifically proven to cure cancer as per John Robbin’s book, Reclaiming Your Health; Exploding the Medical Myth and Embracing the Source of True Healing.

In the realm of preventative medicine, we can take action well before a tumor, lump or impairment of any kind sets in including rotational fasting, probiotic rich diets, whole foods and eliminating grains, sugars, coffee (highly acidic) and dairy.   The idea being that we need to alkalize, oxygenize, and heat up (a ketogenic state literally cooks out the cancer) the system.  We know that rotational fasts (starting with 3 days) and then 2 days a week thereafter can wholly reset the patient’s immune function, killing the cancer cells naturally.  That regimenal approach plus homeopathic medicine will give the patient a brilliant fighting chance at addressing the cancer before it progresses to infect it’s host.

I want you to be informed well in advance so that the issue can be arrested and reversed well before you’re ever referred to the oncologist in a state of abject terror.  Our kids deserve all the health and wellbeing available to them for their essential unfolding without suffering an ounce of invasive harm.

Always trust your instincts as you are your child’s best advocate, and never be afraid to seek a second opinion until you locate the resonance in care that suits you and your beloved babe.  Always question your Physician (allopathic or natural), asking them about cure rates and what laws of nature they’re operating on.  Be wary of trial and error approaches as your child is not a guinea pig.  If they repeat sentences that start with, “We’ll try this …” or “We’re doing the best we can …” that may be the time to seek out another approach/practitioner.  To prevent a disease is so much easier than trying to reverse the physical manifestation later.

A few years back, a mom came to me to address her grief after her son had sadly succumbed to cancer.  She had been a nurse for 40 years and cited that she’d spent most of her time at her son’s bedside angrily fighting off the repeated attempts to over-drug him with contraindicating medications.  She stated, “Rarely one hand was speaking to the other and they would have killed my son multiple times, earlier, if I’d not stepped in to stop them.” She wept at the memory of how, in the end, she’d felt he’d actually succumbed to the bouts of toxic treatments, not the disease itself, and she had the gruesome images to prove it.  An Oncologist that I once treated (for cancer) cited the same stating, “I hate my tools, Ally.  First I demoralize the patient by telling them that they have less than 6 months to live and then I literally poison them to death.”  Thankfully both these patients are still whole and healthy today.

I’m often asked the deeper question of why kids get cancer.  The truth is that it comes down the family line.  Disease has a resonant frequency so a woman with a familial predisposition for the state of mind for cancer will generally couple with a man unknowingly suffering with the same.  When the babe is conceived, they arrive from the birth canal doubly loaded from both sides.  Also, there is a karmic reason why an individual is challenged with the the disease described as a lack of immune function or sense of their essential self.  It is our job as Heilkunst Physicians to use principled regimen, natural medicine and therapeutic education to help prevent this phenomenon so that a kid can get back to just being a kid with natural verve and great enthusiasm.


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