Vulnerability and Privacy; How Much of My Past Will Be Re-Hashed Through Heilkunst Treatment?

I’ve heard from patients before that their relative really wants to start Heilkunst treatment, however, they’re afraid of facing the content of their past. We understand this concern, as who wants to feel broken and vulnerable all over again, dredging through all that unresolved emotion and long-buried conflict, only in reverse? I know that I didn’t, and my own past was darkly steeped like a pot of rancid tea!

This apprehension is totally unfounded because when folks actually get to these old unspoken atrocities, they feel so darn good from having peeled their physical and emotional timelines/onions thus far, that they can’t imagine not resolving this stuff. Also, when you come across that speed bump on your timeline, you’ve got lots of “Emotional Support” from your dropper bottles and you don’t even have to talk about the actual content if you don’t want to … we just need to know which feeling or feelings were predominant at the time.

So if someone suffered sexual abuse, for example, the timeline would show the approximate time frame and year, and then an entry something like “Key Event!”, and then list the associated feelings, such as “betrayal, fear, guilt, shame”, for example. That’s it! We will use the homeopathic remedies like heat seeking missiles and wipe that sucker right off your internal map. The remedies do the bulk of the work and you can process the healing reaction in the way that feels most honouring to you over the course of that next month in private.  Also, you will have in hand an Emotional Support dropper bottle with loads of remedies for grief, anger, fear, shame, guilt and resentment  to help process those strong emotions associated with tough events more easily.  When you come back in the following month, all of the heavy lifting with regards to that trauma is done!

We’re not psychotherapists … and we’re thankful for that as talk therapy only processes the content through the intellect. Most trauma was actually supplanted prior to the stage of cognition, stored in your belly called the “nether man,” before the age of 3, and is registered in every cell of your body (perhaps you’ve heard the term “cellular memory”), so you can not actually talk about content that remains buried from these pre-verbal phases of your life. However, the homeopathic remedies can annihilate events like vaccine damage, a fall from the change table, or even when your mom smoked or had a glass of wine those two times while pregnant with you. We also have exercises to cue the physical body to make conscious something you’re not aware of on the emotional or spiritual level related to events of this nature.

What we’re all about, with our Heilkunst Medicine tools, is much deeper and more subtle than anything that you may have experienced thus far in the way of a therapy. The fancy term is called Anthroposophical Medical Orgonomy (I know, that term is bulky), under the Heilkunst umbrella. However, this 3rd jurisdiction, that looks and kind of feels like what you might term cognitive therapies, shows up mostly after regimen and medicine have been exhausted. All the heavy lifting is pretty much done by the remedies at this phase, in conjunction with your stellar regimen. All we do at this juncture is just easily pull the pins out of where you may still be holding beliefs, unresolved internal psychic conflicts, and even past life issues.  And yes, we know what it feels like to have these harboured dams broken, allowing the flood waters along with the rancid tea to boil over, and leave our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  There is nothing like this full throttle liberation.  Yup, it tastes like utter freedom!

Every so often, in more rare cases, senior patients or fellow Heilkünstlers will ask to plunge the neckline of this area of treatment, which is actually the area that we’ve chosen to specialize in.  If you’re ever curious to research what we’re doing and how we’re doing it so effectively, perhaps look at Rudolf Steiner’s medical lectures (there are a few hundred of them) or Willhelm Reich’s “Character Analysis,” or Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s principles on chronic disease in his “Organon Of The Medical Art”.

The bottom line is that you can expose as much, or as little, of your past as you would like.  Never think, though, that the efficacy of treatment is hinged on your capacity to recall, or to speak, your vulnerabilities from the past.  We’re going to expunge that harboured content either way, in the most honouring and expedient process; whether you’re a real talker, or a very private person, we’ll get to the roots of your suffering.  Our hope is that you always feel safe in our care.

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