Why Your Teenager Needs So Much Sleep and How to Solve the Root Cause Outright!

I’ve been telling parents of teenagers this for years: teenagers download their whole desire program internally through sleep and self-study. This is the astral phase of their development as per Rudolf Steiner. When they’re ready, they will unfold it publicly sometime in their 20s, having realized their own ordained purpose naturally … their true desire program from the inside out!

In my clinic, I treat so many teens who are secretly suicidal from manipulated living; they are exhausting themselves, trying to fulfill meaningless agendas set by their parents and the state of “learn this now as there will be a test”. This is an outside-in approach, leading to the cancer state of mind later on, which is also defined as feelings of the unlived life.

“Let ’em sleep and leave ‘em be” is my educated maxim. Trust in the force that put them here and allow them to unlock the secrets of THEIR OWN purpose naturally. These are the underpinnings of health! In fact, most adults have no clue what they want to be when they grow up as a result of having their true desire program trumped by others, suppressed through their childhoods and teens. Trust me, it is as ugly as having taken drugs throughout their formative years. Do you know how many adults I ask, “Who are you meant to be?”. The shrugging of the shoulders and the “I don’t knows” are painful to see.

As adults, we have to develop our trust and faith, allowing our kids time and space, enabling THEM to work out their true desire programs for themselves, trusting their innate inspiration. If you don’t believe me, study everything John Taylor Gatto, The Colfax’s, or Grace Llewelyn ever wrote; they know! If you supply the tools your children ask for through project-led learning, they’ll develop a life-long pursuit of knowledge that is whole and fulfilling to THEM.

In Heilkunst treatment, we take you back to the astral and sentient soul phases of your development to buy back what was lost though state and parental manipulation of your true life’s course, so that you can get on with your life living as your essential self, not out of other’s false expectations. This is where most folks are pinioned under the “I don’t know.” This is the depth at which we work and these are the resolutions into lives wholly actualized and fulfilled that we see. No exceptions!

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2 thoughts on “Why Your Teenager Needs So Much Sleep and How to Solve the Root Cause Outright!

  1. Nancy Romanovitch

    It is interesting how society has on a cycle of sleep wake from a young age. Nothing like a good power nap in the afternoon. Fortunately my teens were able to sleep lots and are blooming into fine young men able to be who THEY want to be. It is amazing to watch them unfold, I am blessed….

  2. Lee Tither

    Thanks so much this article and the April newsletter are very timely as always. Have forwarded this one onto all friends with teenagers, it explains so much. Are sure it will be very enlightening. (Also to the teenager still hidden in many of us.

    Blessings x

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