What Can You Do to Protect Your Children from Vaccine Shedding?

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Those that choose allopathic vaccination for their child are actually getting more than they bargained for. Not only is the child now host to 19 different chemicals and preservatives, but in the case of live viruses, your vaccinated child can become a disease transmitter. If you’re not wholly familiar with the concept of shedding, it is when the child becomes a live dispatcher for specific vaccines within hours after receiving the shot.  This shedding phenomenon can last up to thirty days or more! Yes, it’s true, those childhood diseases that you wanted to prevent in your child are now at large, randomly roaming beyond their ambient, infecting other innocent children and susceptible individuals, such as infants and the elderly, in the form of vaccine shedding. It is a bit like a radio station broadcasting several frequencies which are going to be picked up by those who are immuno-compromised. As a result, cases of chickenpox and measles are coming up in populations of supposedly already immunized children.



Which Vaccines Shed?


Shedding occurs when the live virus that was injected, or inhaled, as a vaccine to (allegedly) prevent childhood illness, moves through the tissues of the body and reappears in the host’s fecal matter, mucus, or saliva. Anyone with a weakened immune system who comes into contact with a child recently vaccinated with a live virus is at risk of contracting the disease.

Historically, this was a very large issue with the oral polio vaccine in the United States, and as a result, it had to be removed from the market. The other vaccines that are also at risk of transmission to others are influenza (flu shot), varicella (chicken pox) and oral polio (as mentioned above), in countries where it is still being administered. Less recorded cases of vaccine shedding have been reported for measles and mumps.



Courtesy of The National Vaccination Information Centre (NVIC)


Marcella Piper-Terry shared: “From the vaccine-manufacturer’s insert for FluMist.

What this table means is that among children aged 6 months to 17 years, who received FluMist, between 1-7% of them were shedding the live virus through nasal secretions for up to 28 days post-vaccination. The vaccine manufacturer’s insert warns about transmission to “immunocompromised household contacts.”


What Can I Do to Ensure My Own Child’s Health and Safety?


This is a sticky sociological issue. Asking little Ashley to avoid playing with her friend, Maddie, can cause all kinds of issues with long lasting emotional conflicts and complications, involving not only the kids, parents, and teachers, but it can feel ethically demoralizing to have to make these kinds of decisions on behalf of your child in an effort to try to keep them safe.

Goodness knows, some days, we’d like to put our beloved Benjamin in a bubble, but this is not realistic or feasible. It also means that your child risks having to be constantly aware of how he integrates and connects with others if you insist on handwashing and not coming into contact with certain kids. The difficult bit is that you have no idea when little Ryan got his last shot. Accusations can fly if your child is infected and it sets off ugly battles, potentially court cases, and other very complicated social dynamics. Sadly, parents will resort to limiting hand holding, play wrestling, and even sweet little kisses between their kids’ friends, cousins, and siblings.

There is an easier way, and non-harmful way, to protect your child. Yay!  You can provide them with the homeopathic nosode for whatever childhood illness that you’re concerned about. We’ve been immunizing kids effectively as a community for over 25 years, using safe, natural, and efficacious homeopathic remedies, with not one case of the disease showing up within hundreds of cases served. Homoprophylaxis and creating true immunity is much more effective!

If your child has had allopathic shots and you’re having a change of heart, let us know. Perhaps you’ve done some recent research and you’d like to boost your child’s immune system naturally. We also can clear the toxic substances from a child’s system using the principles of Heilkunst Medicine.

The ultimate idea, of course, is to prevent your child from contracting a debilitating disease without causing them an ounce of harm or suppressing their natural immune function. Now you can have both, while also enabling them to realize the full growth potential hidden in childhood illnesses. Think of it, perhaps, like Tolkien’s “Lord of The Rings”;  you want your child to have the golden ring of immunity without having to face the fire, spiders, or Orcs in order to obtain it. However, you want them to also build their character, strength, resourcefulness, courage, and skills of self-governance in the process without all the suffering. This is what the Heilkunst model of scientific medicine fully allows for.

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