Rheumatoid Arthritis; One Patient Making The Emotional Connection With Heilkunst













“My experience with Heilkunst medicine has dramatically changed my life.  In the summer of 2002 I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was in constant discomfort and the prognosis was that it was only going to get worse.  Intuitively I knew there had to be a way to beat back this disease.  The traditional system of allopathic medicine was not very appealing – taking drugs that would “help” deal with the symptoms of arthritis while at the same time destroying other parts of my body.

Fortunately, through a network of health professionals I was given Allyson’s name as someone who could help.  At that point in time I had no experience with homeopathic medicine.  I met with Allyson in the spring of 2005 and her calm confident demeanor appealed to me.  Although, when I was first asked to prepare my time line of life events, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical and wondered “how is this going to help?” But, after less than a year of working with Allyson I now have a much greater appreciation for the relationship between emotional and physical well-being, Heilkunst medicine and the importance of the time line.
Allyson has always been very confident that by working together we could conquer this disease.  I now have that same level of confidence.  We have resolved many issues together.   I have been able to release many of the emotional issues that once seemed daunting.  Every day I am feeling  better physically and emotionally and  I now have greater awareness about the relationship between my emotional and physical health.  I am so looking forward to continuing to work with Allyson on the journey along my own path to cure.”

– S. S.


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Kathryn’s Cure: How A Congenital Heart Issue Was Resolved With Heilkunst









“My oldest daughter, Kathryn, was born with the same congenital heart defect that I was born with. We were both born with an ASD, atrial septal defect. Mine required surgery when I was seven years old. Kathryn’s was detected when she was less than a year old and we were told by cardiologists that due to the large size of the hole in her heart (8 mm) that there was no chance of it closing on its own and that it should be repaired before she reached the age of three. Additionally, through the first year of Kathryn’s life she dealt with severe cases of eczema, reflux and allergies, which lead to poor eating and sleeping habits.

Fortunately, we were referred to Allyson and her Arcanum Wholistic practice by some friends we made when we moved to Ottawa. We originally met with Allyson to see if she could help with the eczema, reflux and allergies, not thinking that she could possibly do anything about the hole in our daughter’s heart. To our disbelief Allyson told us that she could in fact repair the hole in her heart through proper diagnosis and remedies. The next time we met with our cardiologist, approximately six months later, he informed us that the hole had shrunk from 8 mm to 4 mm. He was genuinely surprised as he had never seen an ASD’s the size of Kathryn’s ever repair itself. He told us that we could now put off any operations on her heart until she was older. We continued to meet with Allyson and received remedies from her.

A few weeks ago we went back to the cardiologist for her bi-annual check-up. After an extensive echo-cardiogram and EKG it was determined that the ASD was entirely gone! There was no sign of it ever existing. The doctor was in disbelief and had no explanation for us other than he would like to follow up a year later to make sure that the hole was permanently gone.

What a relief it is for us to not have to have our daughter under go an extensive and dangerous invasive procedure to surgically repair this problem. Allyson correctly diagnosed and treated Kathryn in a purely natural manner and we can’t thank her enough. Kathryn has also had considerable improvement with her eczema, reflux and allergies. We will continue to meet with Allyson and follow her “path to cure.””



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Eczema Cure For Khalil; How One Mom Got “A New Boy” with Heilkunst













“I brought my son, Khalil, to see Allyson when he was just 4 months old. His eczema was so severe that his his head, arms and legs were like hamburger meat. The areas were so open, raw and angry that they flaked and oozed constantly. My son had to wear little cotton mittens on his hands in order to keep him from scratching himself until he bled. He was not thriving, he barely ate and his stool was acrid and green. We were extremely worried about him and wondered at times if he would survive. He barely slept and we were losing it.

In 15 months of Heilkunst treatment, we had a new boy. His skin was almost wholly cleared up. All the raw areas were gone, he slept, thrived and ate. Even his eyes are now bright, shiny and full of mischief. We can not believe the change in him. It feels as if we own this real estate we bought for him and have no worries of regression into the hell we’ve survived. The best the Doctors could offer was loads of cortisone and I feel blessed to have been able to turn away from their sorry prognosis. We’ve also chosen to vaccinate based on homoprophylaxis through Arcanum as our trust has become so great during this incredible journey.”



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A Cure For Anxiety; How Heilkunst “Saved My Life”










“Having struggled with chronic anxiety for the last fourteen years and after having tried everything under the sun without finding any healing, I was glad to have finally darkened the doorway of a practitioner of Heilkunst, namely Jeff Korentayer.  Despite having previously consulted two classical homeopaths with nothing to show for it, I was willing to give this style of homeopathy a try.  I can honestly say that Heilkunst has been the only thing I’ve found that has consistently created an improvement in my health since the very first remedy.  Jeff has been a wonderful homeopath and has imparted a lot of information about the principles of Heilkunst and true healing to me.  I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that Heilkunst has saved my life.  It has certainly brought me the closest I’ve ever come to feeling whole and well and finally embodying my true self.”
– J. M., Ottawa

Judy’s Cure; A Full Recovery With Heilkunst Medicine

“Where do I begin? March of 2012 was my worst nightmare ever. While drying my hair I noticed a lump on the left side of my neck. From that time on every day I woke up I had a new symptom from my hair falling out to rashes on my feet, face, back , stomach and legs. I had sores in my mouth, itchiness and the list goes on and on. I immediately phoned my doctor and she ordered stat blood work and a cat scan. That next week I saw the surgeon and was booked for a lymph node biopsy. I was told they were investigating lymphoma and/or leukemia. I lived in a nightmare, but if this is what it was I was going to fight this. I have a family that needed me and I was going to get through this.

I was hospitalized for something that was only supposed to be day surgery. While in surgery my platelets had dropped for no reason so then again another biopsy (bone marrow this time). I had every specialist imaginable taking care of me and every time one of them came to see me they each had a different diagnosis, they all told me that I had an Auto-Immune Disease but didn’t know what.

After 12 days still no diagnosis, I went home. The next month I was rushed back into hospital by ambulance for shortness of breath, put on puffers and stayed in again for another 8 days. Still no diagnosis! I was put through numerous biopsies from 2 lymph nodes, bone marrow, kidney and liver. Whatever it was my body was going through left me with a high protein level that affected my kidneys. Then I was referred to another specialist for my kidneys. She immediately wanted to start me on a treatment plan of steroids and chemotherapy. Working in the health care field and talking to my co-workers and a lot of investigation I refused the treatment plan.

This is when one of my co-workers had told me about Allyson McQuinn and that I should go see her. I thought, “if the doctors can’t find out what’s wrong with me how can she?” I didn’t go. I was getting so frustrated because I couldn’t go for walks or runs like I used to or even carry a laundry basket up the stairs without getting short of breath. I had no energy or ambition and was getting very frustrated. I gave in and called Allyson.

My first appt. with her I was amazed, she told me I was an easy case and would have me cured in 6 months (by June). I said to myself walking out of her office (if the doctors can’t find anything how can she?). I was desperate, at this point I was willing to try anything. She told me that I would be out walking again and carrying laundry up the stairs within a week. She was right I was. I was able to return back to work. I still had to do monthly blood work and doctors appointments.

From that day on every month, I had Heilkunst treatment and my blood work would come back with good results, my protein level was coming down and I was starting to feel like myself again. When I went back to my doctors and told them I was seeing a Wholistic Doctor and told them what she was doing they pretty much said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” I kept doing it. They wanted to know all about her and put me off until June for my protein levels to return to normal before putting me on the treatment plan.

I am now put off again until January and am still having blood work and a follow up cat scan. I never thought I would feel better again. I am so glad that I kept putting off a treatment plan of putting poison into my body that would make me even sicker.

For anyone who is going through any kind of health issue or are on any medication for whatever reason I would suggest you see Allyson and get to the root cause of why and she will help you. I am off all of my medications except for two and hopefully will be coming off of those soon and am doing everything the “natural way”. I could not have gotten through this past year if it wasn’t for my family, co-workers (Natalie, who referred me) and especially Allyson for helping me through my worst nightmare ever.

Before getting sick I was very healthy and walking/running all the time. I just can’t say enough about her, she gets to the root cause and cures the problem, not treats it. Kudos to Dr. Allyson McQuinn, you are my HERO!!! I just can’t say enough about you, I am so glad I found you. You are my angel!! I have recommended so many people to you and they also have had excellent results. Every time someone tells me that they have a health issue going on I automatically say, “Oh, you should go see Allyson”. I tell them all about you and right now you are seeing most of them and they also can’t say enough about you.

Remember years ago people had no choice but to go the natural way because there was no medication or diagnostic equipment can could detect illness and people had no money for medication, today we have that choice. Thanks again Allyson, you have helped me so so much and I very grateful to Heilkunst Medicine. I love you and so does my family, you’re amazing!!!!”


Judy (June 2013)


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Sugar’s Cure; How One Pup Resolves With Heilkunst From A Close Call









“Eight months ago on new years eve we took our miniature poodle to the vet as she had gradually been losing weight and got so weak she could barely walk.

To our shock after several tests the diagnosis was grim, no white blood cells were being produced so they suggested to keep her and put her down.

We refused to give up on Sugar who was just 6 yrs old so were handed a fist full of prescriptions.  We tried them but they seemed to just speed her up for a bit then she would sink lower yet again.

We decided to take her off the drugs and try a homeopathy approach with Ally at Arcanum and let nature take its course.

At one point we were certain she was gone but then the next day she coughed up a huge hairball the size of a hotdog.

Over the next days and weeks she regained her weight as we nursed her back to health with iron rich foods and TLC

As you can see in this recent photo she is now good as new. I am so grateful to have Arcanum Homeopathy as a natural alternative that supports the health of my family including the furry ones!”



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Rosie The Dog Speaks; How We Resolve Lyme and Peeing Issues In Our Canine Patients











“In 2012 my eight year old Rottweiler, Rosie, got Lyme disease; I had had a vet remove the infecting tick and they had sent it away for testing. I didn’t want to just put my dog on drugs to manage the symptoms which they said would involve Rosie’s kidneys.
Also that year Rosie had to have porcupine quills removed at the vet and the anesthetic which should have worn off in a few hours kept her stupefied, laying on the kitchen floor for twelve hours. Rosie in her inability to move let loose a full bladder and just lay in it since I couldn’t move her and her ninety pounds.
I didn’t know what else to do for her until I met Allyson last winter 2014 and happened to mention that my dog had become incontinent.
Before Allyson started treating Rosie, I had noticed that my dog had started peeing more often and throughout the winter I could see pink drops in her urine. Later she would try to pee outside and squat a dozen times trying to relieve her bladder. She was also wetting her dog bed everynight.
My dog also had lost her zeal for walks and I had to coax her along on a leash even for a walk of less than a kilometre.

Allyson told me that Rosie’s peeing would probably get worse before it got better.  One day on a six km walk this summer, Rosie’s energy level having returned for exercise, she let out a pee that was mostly blood. Even though it was alarming to see what looked like an ounce or two of blood and pee coming from her, Rosie seemed happy and healthy; she didn’t look in pain or wince as if it had bothered her. She just kept on with the walk as if nothing had happened. After that I didn’t have to clean up another piddle in the house or wash her bedding every night anymore.
It’s been over a month now and friends who haven’t seen Rosie since the winter have commented that she looks and acts like a new dog  Not bad for a ten year old.

Thanks, Allyson, for your skill and care with animals.”

Kim White and Rosie


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In One Mom’s Words; A Heilkunst Treatment Resolution to Seizures (After Three Gardasil Shots for HPV)










“Brayden was always a very healthy child. I think she missed two days of school kindergarten through 7th

grade. She was very active as a child being involved in many activities from dance to basketball to raising

and showing livestock. Brayden was always the girl everyone wanted to be around.

In about October of 2011, my daughter had her first seizure, although at the time we didn’t know what

it was because she didn’t have the typical Grand Mal. She was a junior in high school at that time. We

called them “episodes.” They came more and more frequently as the months passed. When it happened

Brayden would basically become unconscious for a short time and described it as a shaking sensation in

her brain. She would have to go home and sleep the rest of the day each time. It got to the point where

every time my phone would ring I’d panic.

We were tossed from doctor to doctor and Brayden went through test after test over the next two

years. Her involvement with friends and school took a huge hit. And her ability to perform up to her

potential on the court was impossible. Her vision was blurry and her reaction time was delayed. She

would have headaches or weird pains always on the left side of her body. Her short term memory was

diminished. She would forget that she wrote a paper for school and rewrite it or she would see herself in

pictures and not recall being there. Doctors tried seizure drug after seizure drug but all they did was

make Brayden feel foggy.

Despite all of this Brayden still wanted to play college volleyball so badly but was beginning to be

realistic about this possibility.

In the summer of 2012, a neurologist in Denver, Colorado put Brayden in the epilepsy monitoring unit at

the University of Colorado Medical Center. After a weeklong stay we were told she was having complex

seizures from an injury sustained during a car accident her sophomore year. The doctor put her on a

very low dose of Lyrica, another seizure drug. She said this one wouldn’t make her feel so foggy but she

was wrong. After one week of being on it Brayden put her foot down and said, “No more. I’d rather have

the seizures than feel like this every day.” This is the point in which I knew as her mom I needed to find

another option for her and look for more of a homeopathic route.

Some friends told me about a guy in Laramie, Wyoming that used energy and bio scanning. I took

Brayden there and she had some short term relief but after a year she was still having the seizures

although not as often.

My niece and nephew recommended Heilkunst with Allyson after having awesome results with their

daughter. During Brayden’s very first consultation with Ally we knew we were with the right person.

Brayden felt so drawn to Ally and was very comfortable talking to her. It was amazing how much she

knew about Brayden and her condition.

Brayden has not had a seizure for eight months and progressively just keeps feeling better and better!

She is a sophomore in college now and playing volleyball!! She’s the captain of her team.

Not only does Brayden feel better physically but also emotionally. I’ve seen her become more confident

and she has a better outlook on life. When my phone rings now I don’t panic but I smile when I see it’s

her. Allyson and her Heilkunst treatments have brought my daughter back to her whole self.

I’m forever thankful!”

~ Brayden’s Mom (With Permission)


Please note:  Brayden suffered seizures shortly after having received a series of three Gardasil HPV shots.  Here’s two more posts we wrote on this unethical and deleterious practice and how it is stealing the health of our young girls.






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The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Of Having Been An Autism Parent


“Embrace” by Maessive https://flic.kr/p/tyvac


From the Blog Article by Julie Obradovic,And deep down inside, as condescending and self-righteous and self-assured as you may be about what you think you know and why you know it and why I’m wrong, you know you are the same.  You know that you would never offer up your child to the greater good either if they asked for her, and you know you wouldn’t dare take that chance with another one of your children if you were in my shoes.”

I lived this Momma’s plight before the principles of Heilkunst Medicine reversed my own son’s vaccine damage. I was working on writing a re-introduction to my 1st book, The Path To Cure, yesterday, in celebration of its 10th anniversary in print. As I was writing, I realized that due to trying to solve my son’s issues for 4 solid years, I’d become a hollowed-out creature, a crazed firefighter with a hole in my bucket, waiting for the next explosion.


Self Portrait by Jane Fox https://flic.kr/p/f3en95

He was constantly ill, we were at the hospital monthly for his in-human screeching, fevers of 105 degrees, coughs and earaches that never seemed to resolve, and chronic constipation so bad, he was put under general anaesthetic to have the impacted stool removed manually from his body. The pervasive guilt that I’d caused his ills and ASD issues drove me to the edges of my own sanity. All I thought about day and night was how to fix this, how to make it right. It is my fault!

When he was just 4 and his issues started to resolve with Heilkunst Medicine, I actually could not cope. I was so skeptical, numb and shut down, I could not recognize, at first, that he was obtaining a real cure, and in such a short time. I felt locked in my own past riddled with shame, walled-off in skepticism and fear.

I realized, again, as I was writing yesterday that I’d suffered a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder due to my son’s illness. At the time, my own Heilkünstler, Patty Smith, said I needed to start my own treatment or Jordan would not continue to advance. I reluctantly took my 1st drop from my “Emotional Support.”  I had no idea that that single dose would change my life forever.

When I took those first remedies … “BOOM” my whole emotional world, past and present, collided in a cataclysm of flailing debris. The pieces were everywhere, my own nails now screeching for purchase on the blackboard of my shame.  I had to learn to let go of not just the guilt, but the rage, fear, grief and resentment. Not easy as a control-freakish, beleaguered woman. My marriage was falling apart and all I dreamed about was a little room at “Shady Acres” where grape jello was on the menu for dessert that day.


“On the other side.” by EmsiProduction https://flic.kr/p/aRwcNz

As I read the words of this Momma (from her blog above) ensconced in suffering with a vaccine-damaged babe I think about, ‘How to extend the rope of empathy? How to say I know where you are and where you’ve been,’ and, ‘I can help give you a leg up to higher ground.” If someone had said that to me 20 years ago, I would have thought them out of their mind! I know what it was like to try modality after failed modality with a trust so broken, I too thought blissfully of the ultimate in letting go of my earthly angst.

But I chose to stay. I also got to see my beautiful son blossom to be whole, hale and hearty due only to the principles of Heilkunst. When I asked him before his 21st birthday, “Do you have any memory of what you went through as a little guy?”, he quizzically replied, “No.” It would seem circuitous waves of my own healing from the horror we survived remains in my own fading memories as I make up the first “Emotional Support” dropper for a new patient, an autism mom.


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What People Are Saying About “The Natural Home Pharmacy For Children”













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“A great resource, empowering parents with confidence and understanding to support their precious babes and young children at what is a traumatic and stressful time. The combination of homeopathic remedies, Flower Essences and Essential Oils offers many options for calming a sick and fearful child. Many of the remedies are helpful for a variety of different ailments. The remedies are Safe and Natural treating illnesses which are in themselves necessary for building a child’s strong immune system. It importantly links emotional disturbances in a child’s well-being, such as grief over loss of a loved one or bullying, to illnesses such as headaches and tummy aches. It asks us to observe closely our child’s behaviour to accurately match the remedy.

The author brings her own experience of raising her children with these remedies. For me that is the clincher!! I want these remedies in my first aid kit for myself and my family and will share this new knowledge with others with young families.

In my work as a RIE Associate with young parents I’m aware of so much fear and confusion around how best to care and protect our precious babes from vaccination to antibiotics.  Here is a resource which practically sets out the nature of early childhood illnesses, their causes and tried and true natural solutions. We know that over prescribing of antibiotics has enabled superbugs to appear that are resistant to antibiotics. There is acceptance of the part suppressed emotions play in developing disease. Natural Home Pharmacy For Children promotes strengthening a child’s immune system and discovering the underlying causes of illness rather than suppressing the symptoms and compromising the immune system.

Your passion and commitment to share your research and experience with empathy and humour in an easy to read style for parents of all ages is welcome and vital to our understanding of how to treat ourselves and our families naturally.”

Maureen Perry,  BA, MPhil and Dip Tchg (ECE). BA in Sociology, MPhil in Economics and Diploma of Teaching in Early Childhood Education, RIE Associate with Resources For Infant Educarers.


“Allyson McQuinn’s passion for natural therapies is articulately reflected in this remarkable book. It explained in detail about the use of Homeopathic remedies, flower essences and essential oils in treatment of various medical conditions faced by children such as fever, cough, aches, teething troubles, etc. I strongly recommend ‘The Natural Home Pharmacy For Children’ to everyone interested in natural cures.”

Dr. Nancy Malik


“Just to let you know how much I’m enjoying your new book!! I so wished I’d had it when my children were young and even now if we have any grandchildren!! I will definitely recommend to people I know who have young families. It is so empowering and practical with many of the remedies repeated so they become essential in a first aid homeopathic kit!! You are a wonderful author!! So easy, enjoyable (with anecdotes/personal experience) and interesting to read!!!!”



“A book of this nature is long overdue!  I will be relieved to recommend it to my clients, as it shows what is appropriate treatment for children when they’re sick.  Drugs are NOT appropriate, and are responsible for much of the suffering now commonplace in childhood–eczema, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, acid reflux, recurrent middle ear infections…. There’s no denying that more and more children are chronically ill.  This book is an important first step in getting your child off drugs and onto a safe path, I wholeheartedly endorse it and thank Allyson for taking up this cause.”
Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Certified Homeopath
“Succinctly laid out, comprehensive guidebook and invaluable resource you’ll wish YOUR Mom had. Allyson’s experience in treating common childhood ailments simply and easily will give you the tools you need to succeed. Just add the inexpensive and easily obtained remedies and you’re good to go!”
Laurie J. Willberg
“This is an excellent book filled with practical natural suggestions for parents with children. She has many different therapy suggestions for each illness and this helps parents solve their children’s issues in a timely fashion with the natural products that they have on hand. Feeling empowered as a parent is a strong calming influence at the moment of crisis AND  with this book you will be able to tackle your child’s dis-ease. Wonderful tips on fever as well as many parents grapple with the issue of what to do when a fever comes to their child.”
Domenic Stanghini DiHom(Pract) CEASE practitioner
“I have come to learn many things over the last few years about Natural medicine and I have seen the amazing results it produces. Having worked with Allyson through Hellkunist, I highly recommend having this, along with her other books as your personal “first-aid kit” for your children and family. I only wished these books were out when my babes were small. I will be keeping copies for my children for when they embark on parenthood. It is well written, well laid out and full of answers and support, it also allows you to trust your instincts, giving you all the tools needed and the expert knowledge to back it up. You won’t regret it and your children will be so much more healthy. Thank you again Allyson, you’re the best!!” ~ SL