How To Love Courageously, When You Hurt So Bad










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If our babe’s tantrums or crying affect us negatively, it has to do with our own inability to self-soothe. Their behaviour will always poke holes in our own lack of self-nurturance until it’s resolved outright. You may already be able see that their suffering will torture you until you do, causing a sea of psychological symptoms often lasting a lifetime if not addressed outright. We both know that talk therapy won’t cut it.

This is why I came to Heilkunst Medicine over 20 years ago. My mother had committed suicide when I was 8 (she was 32), and my father had dropped dead of a heart attack when I was 17 (he was just 43). I’d talked about it with half a dozen therapists to no real avail.

I’ve outlived both my parents by a goodly margin now. I know that I could not have effectively learned how to self-soothe while these traumas were still living jaggedly at my core, engendering anxiety and depression from the grief, anger, fear, guilt and resentment housed in my nethermost being.

I’ve witnessed the resolution of my own deep psychological wounding through this system of medicine. I feel so blessed, full of a fount of gratitude, as a result of Heilkunst principles. The annihilation of my pain gave me the capacity to step up to become a positive parent (and compassionate clinician) and love my children courageously into their adulthood.

My son even resolved his spectrum disorders because of the work I did in this regard. It’s meant everything to me and it is the why and how of what I do and how I do it for patients also suffering as I did. With a 98% rate of cure, your own salvation is just around the bend.

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