Paediatric Nurse Refuses to Vaccinate Her Own Kids … And Here’s Why!

Background:  Excerpted from Dr. Tenpenny’s Facebook Feed after Dr. Tenpenny was refused admittance into Australia to speak about the harm that vaccines cause in early January of 2015








(sent to me [Dr. Tenpenny] by another Australian Fan – Thank you!)

Dear Dr. Tenpenny,

I am devastated with the attack of your person here in Australia. Some of the things people are allowed to get away with saying on social media and TV makes me feel sick to my stomach.

I wanted to write to you because I feel such an oddity in my profession. I am a registered paediatric nurse, yet I am opposed to vaccination and have not vaccinated my children. I am not able to voice any opinion in the workplace as it would attract unbearable dissention but I love my job and carry it out as intended. Thankfully I very rarely have to deal with immunisation or giving it but more and more I find myself looking around at the kids admitted and wondering what ended them up like that. What I’ve seen makes me know that vaccine injury or potential vaccine injury is not reported in our hospitals and healthcare system. I’ve seen a baby come in with infantile spasms a very short period after DTP and the doctor told them that it would have happened anyway and that the DTP “brings out” the spasming and no vaccine event recorded.

Employees saying they got the flu after the flu shot and refusing to get another who are told that it isn’t possible for it to cause the flu and they were getting the flu anyway. So many kids with diabetes, asthma, obesity, allergies, autoimmune, neurological, Kawasaki, guillian barre – I don’t believe every single thing is caused by vaccine injury but I believe a good portion of them are. The burden is sometimes great working amongst it.

I wanted to thank you for trying to educate people on the other side, the other side of things that nobody has heard and nobody knows. A quick rundown of the minor side effects of redness and tenderness at the injection site and saying that severe side effects are rare in my opinion is not good enough. Many don’t want to know the truth but many don’t even know to ask. We run council run clinics in the community here that are only manned by registered nurses, not physicians and it’s about sitting them down and getting them out, I’ve seen for myself that parents are not given the thorough information. Sometimes people may still look fine on the outside but on the inside it’s a very different story. People see their children seem fine on the outside and think the controversy is a load of rubbish. I’m sure parents of a cystic fibrosis child would love to go on outward appearance.

I am in a position where I find it difficult to share with those close to me my feelings and decisions. Whether you do or don’t come to Australia some kind of a victory has been won. I’ve learnt that the other side fights with slander, violence, hypocrisy and threats. That the patient rights that I’ve been told to hold as sacred and uphold in healthcare are largely a farce, it’s okay to question as long as you don’t disagree. Parents don’t even think it’s abnormal anymore if their child is diagnosed with something like asthma, it’s just accepted as inevitable. Kids should not be getting these illnesses.

Sometimes a minority is under attack from all sides. I thank you for all your are doing and hope that you continue to be an ambassador for this cause.

(name withheld on request)

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