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“A great resource, empowering parents with confidence and understanding to support their precious babes and young children at what is a traumatic and stressful time. The combination of homeopathic remedies, Flower Essences and Essential Oils offers many options for calming a sick and fearful child. Many of the remedies are helpful for a variety of different ailments. The remedies are Safe and Natural treating illnesses which are in themselves necessary for building a child’s strong immune system. It importantly links emotional disturbances in a child’s well-being, such as grief over loss of a loved one or bullying, to illnesses such as headaches and tummy aches. It asks us to observe closely our child’s behaviour to accurately match the remedy.

The author brings her own experience of raising her children with these remedies. For me that is the clincher!! I want these remedies in my first aid kit for myself and my family and will share this new knowledge with others with young families.

In my work as a RIE Associate with young parents I’m aware of so much fear and confusion around how best to care and protect our precious babes from vaccination to antibiotics.  Here is a resource which practically sets out the nature of early childhood illnesses, their causes and tried and true natural solutions. We know that over prescribing of antibiotics has enabled superbugs to appear that are resistant to antibiotics. There is acceptance of the part suppressed emotions play in developing disease. Natural Home Pharmacy For Children promotes strengthening a child’s immune system and discovering the underlying causes of illness rather than suppressing the symptoms and compromising the immune system.

Your passion and commitment to share your research and experience with empathy and humour in an easy to read style for parents of all ages is welcome and vital to our understanding of how to treat ourselves and our families naturally.”

Maureen Perry,  BA, MPhil and Dip Tchg (ECE). BA in Sociology, MPhil in Economics and Diploma of Teaching in Early Childhood Education, RIE Associate with Resources For Infant Educarers.


“Allyson McQuinn’s passion for natural therapies is articulately reflected in this remarkable book. It explained in detail about the use of Homeopathic remedies, flower essences and essential oils in treatment of various medical conditions faced by children such as fever, cough, aches, teething troubles, etc. I strongly recommend ‘The Natural Home Pharmacy For Children’ to everyone interested in natural cures.”

Dr. Nancy Malik


“Just to let you know how much I’m enjoying your new book!! I so wished I’d had it when my children were young and even now if we have any grandchildren!! I will definitely recommend to people I know who have young families. It is so empowering and practical with many of the remedies repeated so they become essential in a first aid homeopathic kit!! You are a wonderful author!! So easy, enjoyable (with anecdotes/personal experience) and interesting to read!!!!”



“A book of this nature is long overdue!  I will be relieved to recommend it to my clients, as it shows what is appropriate treatment for children when they’re sick.  Drugs are NOT appropriate, and are responsible for much of the suffering now commonplace in childhood–eczema, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, acid reflux, recurrent middle ear infections…. There’s no denying that more and more children are chronically ill.  This book is an important first step in getting your child off drugs and onto a safe path, I wholeheartedly endorse it and thank Allyson for taking up this cause.”
Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Certified Homeopath
“Succinctly laid out, comprehensive guidebook and invaluable resource you’ll wish YOUR Mom had. Allyson’s experience in treating common childhood ailments simply and easily will give you the tools you need to succeed. Just add the inexpensive and easily obtained remedies and you’re good to go!”
Laurie J. Willberg
“This is an excellent book filled with practical natural suggestions for parents with children. She has many different therapy suggestions for each illness and this helps parents solve their children’s issues in a timely fashion with the natural products that they have on hand. Feeling empowered as a parent is a strong calming influence at the moment of crisis AND  with this book you will be able to tackle your child’s dis-ease. Wonderful tips on fever as well as many parents grapple with the issue of what to do when a fever comes to their child.”
Domenic Stanghini DiHom(Pract) CEASE practitioner
“I have come to learn many things over the last few years about Natural medicine and I have seen the amazing results it produces. Having worked with Allyson through Hellkunist, I highly recommend having this, along with her other books as your personal “first-aid kit” for your children and family. I only wished these books were out when my babes were small. I will be keeping copies for my children for when they embark on parenthood. It is well written, well laid out and full of answers and support, it also allows you to trust your instincts, giving you all the tools needed and the expert knowledge to back it up. You won’t regret it and your children will be so much more healthy. Thank you again Allyson, you’re the best!!” ~ SL

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