Sugar’s Cure; How One Pup Resolves With Heilkunst From A Close Call









“Eight months ago on new years eve we took our miniature poodle to the vet as she had gradually been losing weight and got so weak she could barely walk.

To our shock after several tests the diagnosis was grim, no white blood cells were being produced so they suggested to keep her and put her down.

We refused to give up on Sugar who was just 6 yrs old so were handed a fist full of prescriptions.  We tried them but they seemed to just speed her up for a bit then she would sink lower yet again.

We decided to take her off the drugs and try a homeopathy approach with Ally at Arcanum and let nature take its course.

At one point we were certain she was gone but then the next day she coughed up a huge hairball the size of a hotdog.

Over the next days and weeks she regained her weight as we nursed her back to health with iron rich foods and TLC

As you can see in this recent photo she is now good as new. I am so grateful to have Arcanum Homeopathy as a natural alternative that supports the health of my family including the furry ones!”



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