Eczema Cure For Khalil; How One Mom Got “A New Boy” with Heilkunst













“I brought my son, Khalil, to see Allyson when he was just 4 months old. His eczema was so severe that his his head, arms and legs were like hamburger meat. The areas were so open, raw and angry that they flaked and oozed constantly. My son had to wear little cotton mittens on his hands in order to keep him from scratching himself until he bled. He was not thriving, he barely ate and his stool was acrid and green. We were extremely worried about him and wondered at times if he would survive. He barely slept and we were losing it.

In 15 months of Heilkunst treatment, we had a new boy. His skin was almost wholly cleared up. All the raw areas were gone, he slept, thrived and ate. Even his eyes are now bright, shiny and full of mischief. We can not believe the change in him. It feels as if we own this real estate we bought for him and have no worries of regression into the hell we’ve survived. The best the Doctors could offer was loads of cortisone and I feel blessed to have been able to turn away from their sorry prognosis. We’ve also chosen to vaccinate based on homoprophylaxis through Arcanum as our trust has become so great during this incredible journey.”



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