Rheumatoid Arthritis; One Patient Making The Emotional Connection With Heilkunst













“My experience with Heilkunst medicine has dramatically changed my life.  In the summer of 2002 I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was in constant discomfort and the prognosis was that it was only going to get worse.  Intuitively I knew there had to be a way to beat back this disease.  The traditional system of allopathic medicine was not very appealing – taking drugs that would “help” deal with the symptoms of arthritis while at the same time destroying other parts of my body.

Fortunately, through a network of health professionals I was given Allyson’s name as someone who could help.  At that point in time I had no experience with homeopathic medicine.  I met with Allyson in the spring of 2005 and her calm confident demeanor appealed to me.  Although, when I was first asked to prepare my time line of life events, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical and wondered “how is this going to help?” But, after less than a year of working with Allyson I now have a much greater appreciation for the relationship between emotional and physical well-being, Heilkunst medicine and the importance of the time line.
Allyson has always been very confident that by working together we could conquer this disease.  I now have that same level of confidence.  We have resolved many issues together.   I have been able to release many of the emotional issues that once seemed daunting.  Every day I am feeling  better physically and emotionally and  I now have greater awareness about the relationship between my emotional and physical health.  I am so looking forward to continuing to work with Allyson on the journey along my own path to cure.”

– S. S.


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