Tetanus; Do I Need A Shot?

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5 Reasons I Won’t Get a Tetanus Shot by Holistic Squid


This morning, I was poised to sit down and write for you the best, most brilliant blog article on tetanus and how we use the homeopathic nosode with the greatest of efficacy, as opposed to the toxic vaccine.  The thing is is that it’s already been done!  Emily at Holistic Squid did a bang up job of taking the words and the ink right out of my pen! She even talks about natural immunity and other supplements to support the system’s capacity to resolve a tetanus event in a healthy, non-invasive way.

My blog was going to be well researched, with just the right historical perspective about how the vaccine was created at the tail end of any perceived scourge in 1961.  I was also going to illustrate how vaccinating for tetanus in advance is actually a myth.  The reason for this is that “lock jaw” is in fact a chemical reaction that takes place AFTER the commingling of blood and soil and therefore actually can’t be effectively vaccinated for before such an event occurs.

That is why, if you step on a rusty nail, the doctor at the hospital will ask you when you had your last tetanus shot and then no matter your answer, typically insists on you having another one, “just to be on the safe side.”  The fact that the tetanus vaccine is included in the DPTP or the DTP shot is a mystery to us as it doesn’t have a microbiological relationship to diptheria, polio or pertussis in any way, shape, or form.  It would seem that it is totally out of convenience for Big Pharma to deliver it this way.


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It’s All Fun and Games, CBC, Until You Have a Vaccine-Damaged Son!








A response to the CBC Radio interview and article, “Public Health experts want nosodes taken off the market” (click on image to view article)

It’s all fun and games, CBC, until you have a vaccine damaged son. Junk reporting is a crime against humanity and against the truth. Where is your documented proof? All I see is conjecture. I also happen to know that you did a pre-interview with a naturopath who does support the use of homeopathic nosodes in their practice, but you chose not to use any of that material as it did not comply with your preconceived conjecture and outcomes.

Homeopathic medicine has not caused an ounce of harm for hundreds of years, with proven efficacy off the charts in both the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. There’s actual proof of over 70,000 people prevented from getting deadly leptospirosis year after year in Cuba, Dr. Isaac Golden preventing childhood illness for the past 30 years in Australia using homeopathic nosodes, not to mention Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathic medicine, who prevented and cured cholera and scarlet fever in Europe to the tune of thousands of people.














We’ve been preventing, curing, and treating individuals with the highest of efficacy over the past 30 years here in Canada, and internationally; there isn’t anything that you can say to change all of these facts and testimonials.  If we didn’t use nosodes in this particular case, this young lass would still be suffering debilitating seizures.

Did you know that we also help people detox from the ill effects of vaccines?  We tout the highest rate of efficacy in that regard as well. Would you like more proof?  We have pages of testimonials indicating anecdotal efficacy using homeopathic nosodes.  Sadly, I don’t see any science, nope not a shred, on your page.  Does this mean that you don’t have any?

Perhaps you’ll notice something else of great interest to me and the parents who choose homeopathic nosodes to protect their children from childhood disease;  the image you’ve used for your article has a sleeping infant in his parent’s arms.  Do you see how happy and content this baby is right next to those homeopathic remedies?  Why didn’t you use an image more favourable for your article that indicates the truth for allopathic vaccines, if this is indeed your stance?














Image and article, “From the files of Dr. Obvious: Infant brain waves indicate pain during vaccine jabs” from The Raw Story; A Non-Profit News Blog, Focused On Providing Independent Journalism (click on image to view article)

How about this one with a crying babe with bruises and swelling at the site?  Or even worse, an image of a baby who’s died from junk allopathic science and vaccines that truly doesn’t have a shred of scientific evidence of efficacy. Perhaps watch the documentary, “Vaccination; The Hidden Truth” and then we can sit down and discuss the truth behind allopathic vaccines.

I wish you could have been there on the night my son emitted the most ungodly scream in the middle of the night after his DPTP shot, or during the 7 panic-ridden hospital visits when he could not pass his own poop, and then after, more than two weeks later, when they had to put him under general anaesthetic to remove the impacted stool manually.  I would love for you to have seen the hours of his rocking back and forth, stimming, loss of speech and loss of eye contact after the delayed MMR shot at 15 months.

The Path To Cure - The Whole Art of Healing

The Path To Cure – The Whole Art of Healing














Please also check out our international webinars and radio programs on Homeopathic Immunization, Ebola, Shedding, and the one for Measles.  We work tireless hours doing the research and writing books, blogs, and articles, all on our own time without a penny received from government agencies or private investors.  We’re motivated out of two things; love for our children, patients, humanity AND the truth.

I will be sharing your erroneous reporting with thousands of patients and fellow physicians worldwide on Facebook and Twitter.  No doubt they’ll all be very interested as they hold their healthy babes to their breasts, with the safe and effective nosodes in hand,  and acquired natural immunity obtained through a profound ethical centre.

There will be a conference on Homoprophylaxis held this October 2015 in Texas, keynoted by Dr. Isaac Golden, with physicians in attendance from all over the world, who, like us, will be sharing many decades of sound research based on observational science.  Please contact Kimberly at 703-860-2711 if you’d like to attend or sponsor the event if anything I’ve said here rings true for you.  I’m sure that they’ll be thrilled to hear from you.  We’ll happily see you there.

Most Sincerely,

Allyson A. McQuinn, DHHP, JAOH




Response from Dr. Golden regarding CBC’s recent misinformation:


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You Can See It In Their Eyes: How Heilkunst Addresses Herpes Virus in 3 Kitties



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Three Cats and FHV-1

When I brought my new cat, Sugar, home I noticed that he seemed to have some type of sinus infection along with runny eyes.  He had initially been examined by a vet at the shelter and was given a clean bill of health.  

In a follow-up examination with my own vet nothing was mentioned so I just put it down to stress from being in a new environment.  I soon started to notice though that my two other cats, Tiger and Skippy, began to have runny eyes as well.  It wasn’t until Tiger, my oldest, began sneezing violently, expelling lots of mucus and losing weight that I knew something was wrong.  

I did some internet research on feline upper respiratory tract infections and found the most likely cause, Feline Herpes Virus-1, which often tends to go undiagnosed and can be fatal.  All of the symptoms fit and it is especially known to affect kittens and older cats.  

I gave all three cats FHV-1 (homeopathically) in ascending potencies over 4 days (with Allium cepa added for Tiger).  Within just a few days: the sparkle was back in Tiger’s eyes; he was sneezing less and expelling less mucus; and he began to gain weight.  Sugar and Skippy’s eyes have cleared up and they are as healthy as ever.


Neil McKinney, Ottawa ON

DHHP, Heilkünstler


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This is why the Heilkunst approach is so effective: all aspects of the whole being and their environment are considered in their treatment.
















“A very important aspect of this book is the discussion on how our own mental and physical state affects our pet’s health. We have all witnessed a pet’s ability to empathize. My rather large English Bull Terrier was famous for cuddling up (preferably on your lap) when a family member was upset. But what we need to understand is that their response to our well being goes beyond transitory sympathy. The actual depth to which they take on our issues is truly astonishing, potentially leading to their failing health, and must be addressed if we are to give our pets the best opportunity for health and vitality.


This is why the Heilkunst approach is so effective: all aspects of the whole being and their environment are considered in their treatment. Having worked in health care for many years, I know I cannot effectively provide lasting relief to someone by isolating one aspect of their life (e.g. pain) from another (e.g. emotions). The disconnect leaves too much room for the presenting problem to recur. The Heilkunst approach understands and addresses this vital synergistic connection so that the patient, whether human or furry, can flourish.”



Catherine J. M. Diodati, B.A., M.A., R.M.P.

Author: Immunization: History, Ethics, Law and Health

Vaccine Guide for Dogs and Cats: What Every Pet Lover Should Know






The Problem Was, No One Ever Bothered to Ask Me. Ever!












In grade 5, while walking home from school, I thought about my thinking process and wondered why I thought thoughts differently and why I didn’t fit the mold of expectation like the other kids did. I was sure that I was in some way retarded mentally.  They should probably put me in a special home somewhere for misfits like me.

I now know that my mother’s suicide two years prior was a huge reason why I could not absorb information the same way others did. My emotional cup was full to overflowing. I really could not easily make room for anything new. The only thing I liked was story time (Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory!), writing stories (Anne’s Summer Vacation) and researching alone in a cubicle in the library.

There, independently, I’d research and write about what I was interested in for hours on end!  That year, I wrote a piece on every bird I could find out about in nature; their habitat, their unique calls, and their migration patterns.  I truly lost all track of time and reluctantly put the books back on the shelf because the bell had rung indicating the next period.











In grade 11, I hated school so much, I failed 4 courses; I suffered every summer stuck in summer school for math. I did not take tests well.  I froze. I abhorred learning what the teacher wanted me to learn. If I’d believed that I was a failure as the school system, and its testing mechanisms, seemed to be illuminating by my pitiful grade point average, I would have just checked out of educating myself altogether.

If I’d believed the system, I would have never gone on to study a four year medical degree in Heilkunst medicine, continued to another four years of a post graduate study, written thirteen books, contributed to countless magazines, helped patients by curing their diseases, lectured to hundreds of folks around the world, learned to draw, paint, write poetry and photograph. Back then, though, I prayed for someone, anyone, to intervene on my behalf.

Now I make a lot of suggestions to parents that looks much like the role played by the psychologist in the article below. It is critical to truly participate each child to discern who they’re meant to be and how to unpack that aspect secreted away in them from the inside out; not manipulate or suppress their behaviour to become what false authorities expect from the outside in. We need more dancers, more innovators, more artists, more robot builders, more bird researchers, more Heilkünstlers, or whatever it is that drives a child’s desire to know themselves.  In there lies the key to how they will eventually serve the world.

It took me decades to get back to what I knew that I loved way back in grade 5.  I thought differently, for sure, in ways that I wholly celebrate today as it enables me to diagnose the root cause of my patient’s suffering.  Even though at the time, I was full of grief and alarming loss, I knew what I loved.

Through much strife, an agonizing career in government, a broken self-esteem, and many months of Heilkunst medicine, it took me about 25 years to make my way back to that girl in the library and the essence of myself.  I had to rescue the “Philo” (love of) “Sophia” (knowledge) within me.  However, back then, the problem was no one ever bothered to ask me. Ever!  I did not make the same mistake with my own children.


This article was inspired by this excellent article imbedded in the image:



Homeschooling; Education From The Inside Out

This morning, I came across two parents on a local group, “Practical Homeschooling” who are basically trading in the State-based, outside-in, approach to education by attempting to coerce their children into “focusing” on what they want them to do, rather than allowing them to unfold naturally out of their own desires.   Here are those comments and my response to one of them (please enlarge on your desktop … sorry it’s so small):

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.09.49 AMScreen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.12.52 AM



Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.11.39 AM












In order to explain my stance further, let me take you back a little in time.  My son, Jordan, was born two months premature over 20 years ago.  After a delayed MMR vaccine, at 15 months, he regressed, losing all speech and eye contact and also began suffering chronic constipation issues so severe he was hospitalized seven times; once he was even put under general anaesthetic to remove the impacted stool manually.  I made a vow that if Jordan was ever cured of his ills, I’d write a book about it illuminating what it was that had resolved his sufferings.  That book is entitled, The Path To Cure; The Whole Art Of Healing.

It is about the system of medicine that I now practice. When Jordan started to unwrap himself, through Heilkunst medicine, he first attained the milestone of using the bathroom on his own; and then he subsequently achieved the milestone of saying “I love you!”.  I realized that I’d been gifted with a second chance, a chance to re-do motherhood in a whole different fashion.

He was delayed in speech and cognitive processing and I sought out an environment to try and preserve his delicate immune system as he fired up his mental and emotional grid.  The fanning of embers is a delicate operation, too much wind and the little flame is extinguished; not enough air and the flame is also extinguished. Allopathic, conventional school, for Jordan, meant further labels of ADHD and autism, constant add-in therapies for speech, cognitive development, and movement in order to get the help he needed to make the sound “shhh,” solve problems without tantrums, and learning how to keep his feet on the floor when drawing so that the trees in his pictures could form their own roots too.  It was a form of ‘management’, at best; healative, but not curative.

I needed to bide our time while the Heilkunst process was unfolding. It was exhausting.  Jordan became like a pet project while his baby sister flourished naturally, behind the scenes, unvaccinated and perfect in everybody’s eyes. All the focus remained on “Project Jordan” while the little village we’d created worked with him tirelessly to make him a “real boy” based on stats, mid-lines, and scores that were created by non-autistic-living authorities.  I watched Jordan stutter, literally and figuratively, the flame sputtering, and then the lights all seemed to go out.  He just wanted to be with me, not a myriad of therapists, and I just wanted to be with him too, his mother bear.

imgres-1 imgres








I was afraid that I would not be enough for him; I brought him home anyway.  He came to work with me at my office as wholistic college registrar everyday; I drew, painted, read, and played with him on his terms every lunch hour and break.  It was very rewarding and also very demanding.  Jordan was a fount of endless questions; a seemingly unquenchable desire simply to know.

I ignored spelling mistakes, the speech issues, and the cognitive challenges and focused wholly and solely on what he loved.  I let him drive the curriculum, on his terms, both day and evening.  He was thriving and I was sputtering with exhaustion trying to hold down two full-time jobs with not an ounce of support.  As a result, my marriage to his father came apart at the seams. When we later moved to a farm, I held an annual “Camp On The Farm” day camp for kids of Waldorf and homeschooling families.

The following year, we enrolled Jordan in the Waldorf school where they united with me and the philosophy of allowing him to dictate the pace in a wholistic environment.  Their maxim was the same as mine; learning from the inside out. In partnership with Waldorf pedagogy and the local homeschool association, Jordan unpacked himself over 2 decades, naturally, while backing off false authorities; only learning what he loved and only when he wanted to know it.  If he suspected that I, or his father, demanded something specific from him, he only just rebelled.  I had to find another way; always another way with him.

As he got better, and his health was restored, I also had to take the focus off of him and find my own path for myself. Jordan demanded a mentor, not a false authority breathing down his neck, trying to get his lips up to say “shhh” on some arbitrary schedule. This was a very successful model until we ran out of Waldorf school rope at the end of grade 8.

High school presented a disaster when we moved to a close-knit farming community in a small town, in a mostly rural setting.   The cliques did not include a new boy from 2 provinces away. By this time, Jordan had advanced so much in his academic ability that he held an average of 99% in math the whole year in grade 10, tutoring almost the entire class during lunch hour and breaks.  He stated that this just didn’t seem right, as he was not being paid to be a teacher; he wasn’t even getting dental benefits! His words, not mine.

Jordan again came home and remained there during his adolescent years working part-time in our clinic, filing and doing lots of odd jobs requiring a myriad of skills.  He was a further help when he got his driver’s licence.  Jordan fell further in love with the martial art, Aikido, and then later joined a trampoline acrobatic club which also took his love of Parkour (free-running) to a whole other level of prowess.  He and his buddy, Eric, ran a club for Parkour enthusiasts in our local village, helping other young boys to defy gravity and fly through the air.  Little did we know that this red thread would become the cornerstone of Jordan’s work as a young man today.

1930263_21539288666_476_n 473447_10152349796485311_617971338_o 1185342_10153153167160311_1145110134_n












At 18, Jordan decided to train as a Bowen Practitioner, a hands-on soft tissue modality requiring much of the same skills as a Registered Massage Therapist or Chiropractor. He graduated at the top of his class for which all of his more senior fellow students admired him.  He also became a manager and mentor at the largest trampoline acrobatic centre in a large urban centre.  He tells me that at almost 21 that he’s never been happier; this gives me great joy.

He let me know one day, that he always felt a little unsure of himself, that people might not think him capable because he was homeschooled.  What he’s realized since is that his problem solving abilities and inner resourcefulness are off the charts; explaining why they’ve made him a full manager in less than 9 months at the acrobatic club.  He’s jumped four levels in the hierarchy in a few short months to manage a staff of almost 20!

My daughter, Adie, has been mostly home educated as well.  I never interfered with her pursuit of self-knowledge. She would engage with tutors on-line for Greek, in exchange for teaching them English.  She’d buy bristol board at the dollar store, crafting elaborate maps of middle earth, or just seeming to randomly do a pictorial comparative analysis between Greek and Roman gods, all entirely out of her own volition.  She’s read 1,ooo page tomes in 5 days, year after year, eating through books like she was half starved.  I often wondered if I’d have to get a second job, just to keep her in books!

She would draw horses for hours; again, totally self taught and highly motivated.  She taught herself how to play the piano and earned her own money to buy a keyboard to practice on.  Adie also rode horses competitively, training in dressage, stadium jumping, and cross country.  She even worked with the Canadian Olympic team one summer as a groom (aka barn slave) at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, with riders from all over the world.

Like her brother Jordan, Adie also just seems to innately know who she is and I completely trust her capacity to unfold her own desire program, naturally and with ease.  No coercion or interference is necessary from me as she is totally self-governing and motivated.  I was a little concerned when she applied to art college at 16 and was required to write the university level entrance exam in both math and English.  I sweated over the math, thinking back in the recesses of my mind that we’d never covered any math; it just never came up in her pursuit of the arts.  I need not have worried as she hired her own tutor the week prior to the examination, again, entirely on her own, and got 100% on the English exam and a 98% on the math.  After a few short months at the college, they refer to her as a ceramics protege.

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My hope is that I’ve helped to foster life-long learning for both of my children.  They watched me struggle through a four year medical degree in Heilkunst medicine and also a post graduate study in advanced therapeutics in the same.  My husband, Jeff Korentayer, and their step-dad, also shared the same pursuits as I did, fostering a culture of self-fulfillment through knowledge.  Jeff has gone on to do a double PhD.

We never travelled very much, or took many vacations, but we took our own self-education very seriously.  We also housed other Spanish-speaking international students from around the world over several years, exposing the kids to other cultures, languages, and a sense of a global community of knowledge-seekers. Perhaps now you will see why I responded the way I did in the post back at the beginning of this article.

I feel deeply that it is our job as parents and mentors to tease, lovingly and gently, an individual’s innate desires to know to the surface.  If you’re nervous about trusting this God-imbued wisdom downloaded in your own child and their capacity to self-teach, then study everything that John Taylor Gatto ever wrote.  Read Alfie Kohn and the Colfax’s book about educating their boys while building their house in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of California.

Read The Teenage Liberation Handbook and allow your kids to unfold naturally, gracefully, while having complete trust and faith in their inner process.  I’m also here if you need a coach. I promise you that it will be the most awe inspiring journey you will ever have the pleasure of going on with another human being.  Find inspiring individual mentors for your kids that speak to their specific, individual interests and perhaps you will find that along the way, you’ve also become one yourself.

Heilkunst Medicine; How We Cure Multiple Diseases At The Same Time












Click on the image above to read the article, “British Homeopathy During Two Centuries”, by Peter Morrell, which provided the grist for this article.


You’ll notice at Arcanum that we do things a little differently in that we prescribe homeopathic remedies for each one of your diseases. Whereas other approaches use more secondary texts of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s, interpreting him as saying just one remedy per person. It’s been like a game of broken telephone where the patient feels the shortfall in the true eradication of the root cause (tonic) along with their symptoms; the pathic expression of their disease. I actually wrote a book just about this concept alone and how I was extremely frustrated at the way that homeopathic medicine seemingly did not work in the face of my son’s advanced sufferings; that is until we found the more advanced Heilkunst. (For more, see my book, The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing here: www.thepathtocure.com).

As you may see from the article above, homeopathic medical innovators like Dr. James Compton Burnett were applying the more dynamic principles we use and getting more stellar results with their patients as a result. Incidentally, Burnett was Marjorie Blackie’s great uncle.  Blackie was appointed Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Physician in 1968.  At Arcanum, we’ve also had the pleasure of working with cousins of Lady Diana’s branch of the royal family.  It is an honour to exact this dynamic, principled system of medicine so steeped in history.  If you too pursue the nuggets of truth, you find a whole goldmine, historically to be traced right back to the dawn of time.

Our mentor, Steven Decker, has been at the forefront of illuminating Hahnemann’s blueprint for cure.  He’s embodied a generative curiosity going back into Hahnemann’s original works, re-translating the 6th edition of the Organon to find that Hahnemann stated that you must cure “one disease” systematically at a time. The patient will then naturally re-tune their organism to a more sustentive state of health in the absence of the old engendered diseases. If you have 10 or more concordant diseases, a true Heilkünstler is ordained to go after each and every one of them without making the patient wait unnecessarily.

Here’s a quote by Rima Handley who wrote the most beautiful book, A Homeopathic Love Story; The Story Of Samuel And Melanie Hahnemann, describing Hahnemann’s more advanced approach to Heilkunst in his later years of life in Paris where, like we also do now, he treated his patients sequentially:

“Hahnemann would then select his remedy on the basis of any important or prominent symptoms… he had to be content to move through the case, eliminating symptoms serially…as he removed each symptom, so he tuned each note until eventually the whole instrument might be restored to harmony….there is extreme example of this in Mr Robert Lyster’s case, where Hahnemann worked his way serially through all five remedies…until some improvement was eventually achieved with the last one.’ [Handley, 1997, pp.65-6]”

My hope is that you can see by this quote, and perhaps the article above, that we’re not curing your diseases in random isolation.  The footing we Heilkünstlers stand on is profoundly embossed into the code of humanity’s history; it isn’t that I grew up always wanting to cure suffering folks of their multiple chronic diseases.

In fact, I never went to medical school at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst for the purpose of opening my own practice. I simply wanted to know why my son had been cured of his autism spectrum symptoms so systematically and how it was that I had been relieved of a lifelong bout of depression and a laundry list of chronic ailments through “timeline” therapy and the eradication of my Miasms (the genetic roots of chronic disease as per Hahnemann).

I, too, was simply curious.  However, when I realized in the clinical portion of my study that all 10 patients that we followed over 6 months were achieving the same physical, mental, and emotional freedom, I felt a calling so primal that I could not deny a desire to serve humanity in this way.  The truth is that if the decision were left up to me, I would simply research and write for my livelihood; however, a calling is a calling, a moment of revelation and transcendence where you realize that your life is not wholly your own, but the mind, heart, and hands of a higher power.  When I first read Hahnemann’s Aphorism 1, I was completely rattled to my bones:


The Highest Ideal of Cure: The physician’s highest and only calling is to make the sick healthy, to cure, as it is called.

1 Theoretical Medicine. The physician’s calling is not to concoct so-called systems from empty conceits and hypotheses concerning the inner wesen† of the life process and the origins of disease in the invisible interior of the organism (on which so many physicians mongering for fame have hitherto wasted their time and energy). The physician’s calling is not to make countless attempts at explanation regarding disease appearances and their proximate cause (which must ever remain concealed) holding forth in unintelligible words or abstract and pompous expressions in order to appear very learned and astonish the ignorant, while a sick world sighs in vain for help. Of such learned fanaticism (to which the name theoretical medicinal art is given, and for which special professorships are instituted) we have had quite enough. It is high time for all those who call themselves physicians, once and for all, to stop deceiving suffering humanity with idle talk, and to begin now to act, that is to really help and to cure.

† There is no word in English that adequately translates Wesen (pronounced va´zen [Quark: put a straight line over the a and replace e with an upside down e]). A wesen is the essence of something, its quintessence. It is also an entity with a real presence, even though that presence is immaterial. See wesen in the Glossary.

© Organon of the Medical Art ed. by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly: www.birdcagebooks.com


It is fair to say that Hahnemann’s precise words, “… a sick world sighs in vain for help,” and  how we have to stop lolling gagging about and, “to begin now to act, that is to really help and to cure,” that I felt Hahnemann’s voice tugging at my own ears.  As I continued through his primary texts, often losing myself for hours in his words steeped in strong, righteous feeling, founded on the undeniable basis of such profound observational truths that, as a modern woman, I was rewarded with the words of the  sweetest and most romantic of scientists.  Perhaps the following two aphorisms describing ascending potencies for curing disease, translated by Decker, will move you the same way:


§ 278  Here the question arises, what is this most suitable degree of minuteness for sure and gentle remedial effect; how small, in other words, must be the dose of each individual medicine, homoeopathically selected for a case of disease, to effect the best cure? To solve this problem, and to determine for every particular medicine, what dose of it will suffice for homoeopathic therapeutic purposes and yet be so minute that the gentlest and most rapid cure may be thereby obtained – to solve this problem is, as may easily be conceived, not the work off theoretical speculation; not by fine-spun reasoning, not by specious sophistry can we expect to obtain the solution of this problem. It is just as impossible as to tabulate in advance all imaginable cases. Pure experiment, careful observation of the sensitiveness of each patient, and accurate experience can alone determine this; and it were absurd to adduce the large doses of unsuitable (allopathic) medicines of the old system, which do not touch the diseased side of the organism homoeopathically, but only attack the parts unaffected by the disease, in opposition to what pure experience pronounces respecting the smallness of the doses required for homoeopathic cures.


§ 280  The dose of the medicine that continues serviceable without producing new troublesome symptoms is to be continued while gradually ascending, so long as the patient with general improvement, begins to feel in a mild degree the return of one or several old original complaints. This indicates an approaching cure through a gradual ascending of the moderate doses modified each time by succussion (§ 247). It indicates that the vital principal no longer needs to be affected by the similar medicinal disease in order to lose the sensation of the natural disease (§ 148). It indicates that the life principle now free from the natural disease begins to suffer only something of the medicinal disease hitherto known as homoeopathic aggravation.

Ibid, © Organon of the Medical Art ed. by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly: www.birdcagebooks.com


Did the earth move for you too? Can you imagine now what it feels like after a whole week of patients to still have their echoing words ringing in my ears about not only their symptoms are diminishing, but they’ve suddenly been able to lift the laundry basket up the stairs again, or they’ve just  conceived after years of chemical IVF therapy, or their painful facial neuropathy is gone, or that their child has spoken for the first time and their autism symptoms are diminishing.  It is a blessed thing to be anchored and rooted in principles, exacting a science, consistently addressing the root cause of disease and making “the sick healthy, to cure as it is called.”  I feel so very blessed to be able to take those reins of history and witness the exact same meticulous results for my patients in the 21st century.  Perhaps you too will feel inspired to do the same.


See all of our Testimonials here:


In Nancy’s Words: “The best thing about Heilkunst is that it gets to the root cause and not just symptoms and surface stuff.”










Jeff Korentayer

Arcanum Wholistic Clinic


Dear Jeff:


I am writing this testimonial to you to share my appreciation for all that you have done for my family and myself.  I began Heilkunst care last January, with a barrage of issues and wow what a difference a year makes.  From the first powdered remedy that gave me a sense of smell for the firs time in about 15 years, to helping me almost eliminate my asthmatic tendencies (we are still working on that one), to helping me find that inner calm and peacefulness that was asleep for years.  I fee like a teenager again!  Creativity flows through me like a mighty river, from mind to paper, computer or canvas.


For my son, helping him eliminate the genetic miasma that I have passed on to him and annihilate them so he will not pass them to the next generation.  He too has experienced a sense of joy and creativity again in his life.


Although the treatments have been a roller coaster ride of exhilaration, ups and downs, Oh what a ride!   I am glad I started care with you and I wish everyone the opportunity to experience the expertise, knowledge and genuine caring that you shared with us throughout our treatment.  My only regret is that I would have started sooner, but as we Uke’s say, better late than never!


The rest of the family will be coming under your care as well, so we can all take the journey that we were meant to travel together.


With Gratitude and Appreciation,

Nancy and Nikolai Romanovitch

The Peeling Onions …






Reanna’s Story; “I knew this was the last place I would have to turn, to have a baby”


“October of 2013 is when my life changed. I had finally given in to seeing Allyson at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic after a fellow heilkunst mama had repeatedly urged me to at least try her. This mother gently urged me for months prior to, but I just didn’t ‘get’ how this treatment would work. Our journey for having a family was met with failed attempt after failed attempt every month. We had even resorted to fertility treatments (the ones we could afford…kind of) and still were failing to have a family. We were plagued with Unexplained Infertility.

Enter in Allyson.

Within twenty minutes of speaking with Allyson via skype, I knew this was the last place I would have to turn, to have a baby. Allyson patiently went through all aspects of Heilkunst Homeopathy treatment, and detailed how my specific treatment would span out, and what modifications to start. Before our initial session, I was overwhelmed with such a change in treatment, from always seeing allopathic physicians, to seeing a homeopath. I was clueless. She helped me ‘get it.’ And it makes sense. I needed to change our diet and get our bodies in an alkaline state. Done. I adhered to this as though it was my religion.

For once, over the four years of “not preventing” and then actively “trying” to have a child, I had hope it would happen. Not the false sense of hope like I had with the hormone cocktails injected into my back side had given me, not like all the tests with painful utensils I was prodded with like a cow gave me, not all the “advice” I received but never asked for, but REAL hope. I saw Allyson once more before getting pregnant in December of 2013. That is all it took. Two whole appointments. Not only had she restored the hope and love I had lost in myself as a woman and a wife, but she made me a mother. Two appointments. My life was changed. I am a mother.

We still see Allyson monthly for follow-ups for our timelines and miasms, which also includes the frantic emails and phone calls at all hours about my fears of failing as a mother, not being good enough for my daughter, the reason for her temperature/runny nose/trouble with breastfeeding/etc., or just the question of “am I doing this right?” There is no judgment, she is never too busy for me, and she “gets me.” She does. She understands and is there, full of support, love…so much love, and kindness.

Allyson and the principles of Heilkunst Homeopathy changed my life. She healed the fragment of the broken person I was inside, with the deepest sadness of infertility, I thought I was hiding, and she made me a mother. And she is helping me to be a better mother.

I am forever indebted to Allyson, as she made me a mother.”


Reanna and Willow


Do you know someone struggling to have children?

A medical researcher in Europe recently investigated whether homeopathy could be used to safely treat human infertility. An observational study involving 73 women in Hungary was undertaken to learn more.

The findings: “Homeopathic treatment showed significant results. Five times twins were born, and 61 times one child was conceived and born. In 31 cases, insemination and flask treatment was also carried out with simultaneous homeopathic treatment giving rise to successful conception, embedding, pregnancy.

Conclusion: The treatment of infertility with homeopathy shows significant, cost-effective results.

Source: Zarandi, I., Treating infertility with homeopathy. European Journal of Integrative Medicine. Volume 8, Supplement 1, 9 September 2016, Pages 38

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Measles Immunization; How to Have Your Healthy Cake and Eat It Too




We all want to protect our children.  That, right there, is the bottom line.  As a momma, it was also my goal precisely when my kids were little.  I don’t want my kids to get polio, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles of any kind, especially with encephalitis (brain swelling), mumps, hepatitis A, B or C.

As the mother of a formerly vaccine damaged child (see my book, The Path To Cure), from the delayed MMR shot (measles, mumps, rubella),  I know the cost of having gone the allopathic route. Nineteen different chemicals and adjuvants do leave an impression in the tissues (49 shots before the age of 6), causing the body to start to attack itself in an effort to get free from the chemicals and toxins.  My son lost all speech and eye contact within 6 weeks of having this shot at 15 months of age.  The gut issues, stimming, and OCD that began were unbearable.

The best way to explain how this can happen is by first looking at a healthy body.  Innately, we’re set up to fight off microbial invasions in the body in the way of errant bacteria, viruses, and childhood illnesses, by booting up the immune function if it detects an enemy in its midst.  The mucosal lining of the mouth and throat, for example, is one of the first places immune function has set up its military-like installation.  You know those adenoids in your throat? Their job is to mobilize the good guys in your body, surround the pathogen, and dispose of it without it ever coming into contact with your more noble organs.

(Source:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK27169/)

The problem with shooting the vaccine material under the skin, into the tissues and bloodstream, is that the body perceives this as a surprise attack; the rear guard just isn’t prepared.  There’s no army available at your flank to deal with the chemicals and pathogens received this way. That is why there is often swelling, redness at the site of the injection, fever, harm to the organism (such as seizures), autism, or even death.  The argument is, ‘better a little suffering and autism than death from the childhood diseases’. Um, not in my book! At least not when we have a safe and effective form of immunization available with homeopathic methods.

(Source:  http://www.nvic.org/NVIC-Vaccine-News/May-2011/In-Memoriam–Infant-Deaths—Vaccination.aspx)

The problem is that the tissues become instantly infected with propylene glycol, chick embryo, ethylene glycol, aluminum, mercury (thimerosal), polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, acetone, aluminum phosphate, etc., not to mention the actual disease agent itself. The immune system then wages war on its own tissues, looping in perpetual code red, trying to get this matter out of its midst.  This is why vaccinated kids are so sick. This is why autistic kids stim.  It’s because the body is so busy trying to attack its own tissues to rid itself of the unnatural material now housed in the body, that it does not even notice that an ear infection is now afoot, or strep is now in the throat, or the flu has crept in, or that the child is cognitively now caught in a perpetual cycling without a proper, logical discharge from the enemy.  Sadly, it’s like a war that can never be won, a record caught in “skip” mode unless proper detoxification is done.

Patty Smith, fellow Heilkünstler, cites, “These chemical preservatives may, in themselves, be a challenge to our immune systems. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) has received over 123,000 reports of adverse reactions since its inception in 1990. There have been studies linking childhood vaccinations containing the chemical preservative thimerosal with autism.”  She wrote this article in 2007, can you imagine what this number is today?  Also, know, that these numbers only represent about 10% of what get’s reported.

(Source: http://www.alive.com/articles/view/21201/to_vaccinate_or_not_to_vaccinate)

One by one, Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s colleagues are being exonerated of any wrong-doing connected to the 1998 reports consistently linking the MMR vaccine with gut inflammation and autism at the Royal Free Hospital in London, England. For example, Judge John Mitting’s conclusion, from an appeal by the highly respected paediatric gastroenterologist Prof. John Walker-Smith, stated:

…both on general issues and the Lancet paper and in relation to individual children, the panel’s overall conclusion that Professor Walker-Smith was guilty of serious professional misconduct was flawed…The panel’s determination cannot stand. I therefore quash it.

A link that has since been corroborated by Dr. Arthur Krigsman of New York University’s School of Medicine, and also by pathologists at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

(Source: Ibid, http://www.generationrescue.org/latest-news/generation-rescue-news/mmr-doctor-exonerated-who-s-guilty-now/)

What if I told you that there is a safe, economical, provable, and easy way to immunize your child with greater efficacy than you ever thought imaginable, with no risk of shedding?  Sounds unbelievable? I know! My daughter was never vaccinated, but she was immunized instead using homeopathic remedies.  She never had an ear, nose, or throat infection.  She’s never even had a cough to speak of or any childhood illness other than a normal, healthy bout with chicken pox.  At the time of this writing, she is 17, at college studying art, and also one of the children written about in, Vaccine Free.  My son has been healthy for the last 15 years using the same approach.  He’s going to be 21 this summer … and no, he’s no longer in the autism spectrum.












The concept of immunization has been around for centuries.  My hairstylist told me once that in Lebanon, if a child had an allergy to an animal, he was encouraged to sleep in a barn with the livestock until his condition  improved.  Our own pioneers would drink weak teas of poison ivy in order to immunize themselves before  poison ivy season, successfully avoiding the negative effects of the rash. You may have heard that quinine in tonic water staves off malaria. Also, if you burn your hand, the best thing to do to cure it is to run it under warm water.  Cold only sends the molecules away from the healative action, breaking apart like a hot plate hitting a cold sinkful of water.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) was the first physician to tout the homeopathic principle, “like cures  like”.  He first realized its connection when translating a piece by Dr. William Cullen on the use of quinine in  the  prevention of malaria back in 1790.  There he first realized that “immunization” was possible.  Coupled  with  Hippocrates maxim, “first cause no harm,” and his principle “like cures like”, homeopathy (literally derived  from the Greek meaning “similar suffering”), was born.

Hahnemann went on to solve hundreds, and then thousands, of cases of cholera and scarlet fever in his time.  Since then, Cuba has been using homeopathic nosodes to cure the severely deleterious effects of annual  infections by leptospirosis using the concept of homoprophylaxsis  (exact nosode) in a population of millions.  Dr. Isaac Golden has also been treating children using homeopathic remedies for the last 30 years; “The efficacy of homeoprophylaxis (similimum) was 95% after six months and 91% after 12 months.”

(Source: http://www.homstudy.net/Research/)

It is time to end the debate between vaccinating and non-vaccinating parents.  Hippocrates maxim still holds true today.  It is not an option to poison my child, throwing him into the autism spectrum, making both our lives a living hell.  It is also not an option to leave my beautiful daughter exposed to errant diseases and pathogens.  The same holds true for the hundreds of patients we’ve served over the last 13 years with not one reported case of the flu, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, polio, tetanus or pertussis using these sound principles of homoprophylaxis … and, incidentally, not one of them suffered an ounce of harm.  Isn’t whole health AND natural immunity what we all seek?  Let’s stop all the arguing and git ‘er done!  Our kids rely on us to properly protect them.


 [Watch the replay of our “homeopathic immunization for measles” here.]