Finlea’s Love Grandma; Autism Cures, Love and Karmic Closure



“Yes it is you and her together! She remembered that your favorite color was purple from when she was with me to get fabric for your slippers! We had been talking about blood family and love family … because she’s been so interested in who is who’s aunt, cousin, etc.  You quickly became her ‘love grandma’! … but that’s who she drew was ‘me and my love grandma’ lol. she is SO into spelling and writing words also … brilliant I tell ya! love you much!” ~ Finlea’s Mom (Kassie)  



As a result of working very intimately with patients, I become phenomenally close to them.  Occasionally, I’m even adopted into the inner sanctum of their family as a surrogate parent or grandparent (a 1st!).  As someone who lost both of her parents tragically as a child and and also being one of the youngest grand-daughters on both sides of my families, I was truly orphaned by the time I was 17.  


I have just one “Love Grandma” left who is now 88 who I endearingly call “Nannie Cakes” (Every birthday = Chocolate cake with boiled icing!)  An Aunt, by birth, Nannie Cakes recently told me (two weeks ago) that she loves, admires and adores me to the ends of the earth and that I’ll always be one of her favourites.  Perhaps I need to draw her a picture too! We have families by birth and families by choice and in my case, it was clear why this was.  



Good karma is an interesting thing as it can have the power of putting some pretty delicious closure on old soul/spiritual wounds.  I realize the more deliciously savvy I get at healing and curing my own issues, the more I’m privy to deep displays of love and gratitude in the company of others.  This makes my formerly broken heart sing!  When I set out as a new Heilkünstler over 12 years ago, I had no idea where curing chronic disease for my patients would take me.  


It is indescribable to watch someone’s life take on a whole new trajectory in health and well-being not otherwise realized.  What true grace for me.  A pleromic affair of the heart! To actually be bestowed such a gift as a result of this relationship with my wee patient, Finlea (read her story here), is a dose of love and recognition for 20 years of study of Heilkunst principles that brings such full closure to my own former angst that it was beyond my former imaginal capacity.  




Finlea and Graham travelled 3.5 days in their van, White Pearl, to come hang out with me in Canada this past summer with their Mom.


My own son Jordan was severely affected by the Hep. B vaccine causing him to be jaundiced and to scream in pain for the first 6 months of his life, around the clock, and then an MMR vaccine that stole his speech and eye contact at 15 months, causing gut issues so severe he was hospitalized 7 times; once to have the impacted stool manually removed from his colon given that all peristalsis action had been destroyed by severe chronic constipation. If the underlying cause was not cured for Jordan, I hate to think what might have happened to my beloved son.  



imgres-1When he contracted pneumonia his first two winters of his life, in such a compromised state with his completely shot immunity due to his immaturity and several rounds of antibiotics (literally against life), I thought several times that we might lose him.  I’ve never been so terror-stricken in my life.  I made a pact with God during one particularly dark night, that if he was ever cured, I would write a book about it.  


That was over 14 years ago that I penned The Path To Cure  and at 21 Jordan is more than hale and healthy.  He loves our Nannie Cakes too! When I look at this picture of Finlea, engaged in her artwork that might not have otherwise come to be, my heart and mind does a little zing of gratitude for enabling me to find the principles of Homeopathy and Heilkunst Medicine over 20 years ago now.  


I’d suffered horrible PTSD as a result of trying to figure this all out and I’m so blessed to be able to throw a rope to other Moms of babes also recovering from Autism due to Heilkunst.  This closes yet another yummy karmic loop for me.  It is all about the art and science of our own salvation, in more technical medical terms, but it is also about being someone’s blessed “Love Grandma” with a beautiful little artist that I serve in Nebraska over Skype.    


Beautiful Finlea


 Finlea, the artist, doing what she loves best


Postscript! We’re so excited to be able to cure autism in children like Finlea, and others, that we’re  in the throes of re-releasing “The Path To Cure” for FREE as an audiobook this Spring during Autism Awareness Month (#autismawarenessmonth).  You can sign up by following the link above.  Again, the gratitude just keeps emanating full circle!    



Medhorrinum; Bursting Forth In Manic Extremes!









My Medhorrinum story from this morning!

I was on my way to my fitness class this morning and the instructor and I bumped into each other in the hall. She cited that she felt frazzled after visiting her adult daughter. She raced on to tell me that her daughter has a very large pocket of fat on her upper arm that is currently inflamed, bleeding and draining pus (sorry). She cited that she guesses that her daughter will need to go for surgery to have the mass removed. I just stood quietly as she went on to describe how her daughter is often all over the place, living from a “place of extremes” as she is frantically searching for a new home.

At this point, I explained how she’d dropped a number of very clear clues as to the root cause of her daughter’s physical and mental ills.  I let her know that the Genetic Miasm, Medhorrinum, corresponds to Spring where you’ll see eruptions like tumours, fatty deposits, ganglions, warts, right sided earaches, etc. I went on to describe the individual as hurried and often operating manically, out of gestures of extremes. Their highs and lows range from mania to depression. The problem is that if you mechanistically cut out the abscessing fatty deposit, you do nothing to address the underlying cause; the state of mind. It will just be a matter of time before the symptoms find another way to express themselves in more raucous displays of sycosis. I also let her know that, over time, the issues can show up as glaucoma, arthritis, asthma, sinusitis, heart disease and stroke.

I then let it go and joined the others in the class. I had a copy of my book, “The Path To Cure,” in the car and I left this with her. Perhaps I’ll have the pleasure of meeting her daughter and helping to start to shrink that fatty deposit on her arm after we address the weeping (Pyrogenium, Phosphorous, Calendula). Simultaneously, I know that she will also begin to feel calmer, executing her desires with more ease and grace. The other great thing is that we’d shut down the predisposition for the disease to exhibit multiple pathic off-shoots that could sadly arrest her longevity over time.

The Wisdom In Your Wisdom Teeth!

wisdom teeth








I often say to patients, “God doesn’t just download us with spare parts.”  Folks who just have their spleen, gallbladder or wisdom teeth removed aren’t always hooked into the deeper functioning of these organs on our behalf.  If they knew, they’d actively take more of a stand to protect their God-given body, and all it’s parts and address the root of their problems instead.

For example, a person can remove their gallbladder, however, they’ve not addressed why they’re suffering issues in the organ that is simply storing anger and resentment.  The underlying cause has not been dealt with outright and will  simply manifest in another way.   Also, physiologically speaking, the gallbladder can quite easily  flushed, without surgery using Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocols restoring your digestion and overall health.

The spleen, as per Rudolf Steiner, is a mediating organ between our biological humanness and our spiritual consciousness.  In order to eat food harvested from the earth and have that foodstuff convert into thought, you need a spleen on board to transmute these physical processes into thinking. The spleen is also an organ that promotes our individuality. This is why many mechanistic thinking Allopathic Physicians will say that the purpose of the spleen has not be determined.  Just because they don’t know the reason for why we have a spleen does not make it conscionable to remove it without first addressing the root cause without causing harm.  This is where Heilkunst principles come in.

The same goes for our wisdom teeth.  Curiously they’re named thusly due to the fact that they emerge in our wisdom years,  later in life around our late teens or early 20’s; long after the tooth fairy has retired her crown, wand and purse.  According to Chinese Medicine, all teeth have a function, including our wisdom teeth, and if you just extract them without the knowledge of their deeper function you could cause major issues in the body’s circulation, more specifically the heart, middle ear, shoulder, pituitary functioning, nervous system, tongue and tonsils (another organ often declared surplus but is the first gate for our proper immune functioning).




 Dental Chart courtesy of François Jooste, Wholistic Pharmacist


The belief is that wisdom teeth are superfluous, that they should be extracted at a younger age before they cause issues later on.  The thing is that they don’t generally cause issues later on in healthy individuals even if they are so called “impacted” or lying on an angle like one of my own patients as illustrated in this x-ray here:













Mental note: Those gamma x-rays will need to be addressed for that patient at their next appointment.


When we think more wholistic-ally, we realize that practices like filling teeth with composite before the person gets fillings, or extracting wisdom teeth when they’re clearly not bothering the patient is unethical.  This is not preventative medicine at it’s best, as it is clear that harm is being caused by breaking the flow in the acupuncture meridians in the body.

Dr. Brand, a holistic dentist in New York who still has her own wisdom teeth, cites,”Wisdom teeth, specifically, are connected to the heart and intestine meridians. Is it no wonder that chronic illness in both of these organs are on the rise? Of course there may be other contributing factors to these chronic health issues, such as diet, but wisdom teeth extractions, as well as the residual cavitations at the extraction site, may also be contributing to these systemic health conditions.  It is also not uncommon to have some ear issues (hearing problems, vertigo) or even nerve damage (paraesthesia) after wisdom tooth extraction.”

This is why we’re fairly adamant that if you’re not suffering pain, there is no reason to just randomly remove your wisdom teeth.  If you’re unsure, just get a second opinion from a biological dentist who is highly recommended and only acts out of ethical necessity.

If you feel it absolutely necessary to have those Wisdom teeth removed, then be sure to clear the multi-layered trauma with homeopathic nosodes for the physical, including the nerve damage, anaesthetic, and mental trauma.   It would also be best to also clear the timeline traumas and Genetic Miams to prevent the issues cited above from becoming issues in future.

“The Physician Who Can Cure One Disease By Knowledge …”










Please be warned of over-use of exclamation marks below … written by an enthusiastic Heilkünstler in touch with her inner 4 beat cycle!


The purely empirical mind has a tough time with this one. Our Jeff Korentayer, fellow Heilkünstler, describes some days as having gone through, “hand-to-hand combat with the intellect.”

The reason for this is because the intellect sees diseases all broken up into silos. This is the way the Allopathic system is designed with all of its different departments. The bone doctor, the heart doctor, the feelings doctor, the plumbing doctor, the skin doctor, the genital doctor, the bum doctor, etc.  This is anti-wholistic!  You’re not a car made up with disparate parts! Allopathy fits in with the same anti-pathic approached used with their anti-biotics (literally against life) and anti-histamines, anti-depressants and anti-inflammatories.  It is suppressive, or palliative at best; never a wholistic cure. You see it right?!

Think about it, you’re not broken up into a bunch of fragments are you? No, you’re a whole; a sum of all their parts!  Therefore, logically, if teeth and bone are part of the same physiological phenomenon, why then wouldn’t the Dentist, Osteopath, Podiatrist and Orthopaedist all confer together to address the underlying cause of your ills? The cause WILL inevitably be the same!  Makes sense right?!

You are a whole being, why then would you break yourself up into pieces to qualify for an anti-pathic system? Alternatives do precisely the same thing. Steven Decker, Romantic Science Scholar and translator of Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon,  calls the spectrum of alternative therapies, “Allopathy dressed up in chicken feathers!”

Patients will think it most evolved and great that they’ve converted their thinking by seeing the Chiropractor, Psychotherapist, Naturopath and Nutritionist. However, their silo thinking is just being applied using the same empirical gesture.

By using the same reasoning, rationalizing that all is well because it is natural and can’t cause harm is faulty at its underlying roots too. Cure is not obtained using the same anti-pathic reasoning for healative modalities. If your teeth and bones are still crumbling, the root cause has not been eradicated on sound, lawful, natural principles no matter how many natural therapies you apply.  We see this ALL the time!

Once you get it, it just makes rational sense. Right? Then what system of medicine offers the art and science for curing chronic disease based on this reasoning? Heilkunst literally means, the art and science (‘kunst’ in German) of wholing (‘heiling’ in German). So if you have tooth caries (cavities) AND scoliosis, they’re absolutely related. There is one underlying cause and there is one curative homeopathic remedy for it!

Don’t you deserve to know the underlying cause that is precipitating that pathic expression in your whole personhood and then have it treated outright with the single remedy that will annihilate the root cause (tonic disease)?!!! That’s what I thought. It makes sense right? No need to fragment or sacrifice yourself for either allopathy or alternative approaches as Dr. Tilden stated,” The Physician who can cure one disease by a knowledge of its principles may by its same means cure all the diseases of the human body; for their causes are the same.”

Now think of all those cadavers those medical students are still cutting up and sticking into jars of formaldehyde and ask me if you resemble remotely what is lying under their scalpel on that cold metal table?! This is the fundamental approach to teaching medicine. Are you dead? Nope?! Right, I didn’t think so. So why do folks line the office waiting rooms to get into see an officer whose study is based on dead science and cadavers? No, seriously I just want to know.

The right jurisdiction for allopathy is the emergency room, however, when you prescribe the same approach to chronic disease, it becomes a toxic fiasco. Ask a mother who’s child was poisoned by chemotherapy (true story) that has less than 3% efficacy and I will tell you that there was no respect for the whole living principle of that human being. It costs the parent between $350,000 and $1.2 million, though, paid to Big Pharma for that child to be sadly poisoned to death.

Also, don’t get me started on how many hours the Allopath has in the study of nutrition. When I graduated in 2004 from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, it was less than 4 hours. 4 measly hours!  The underpinnings of your health in that paradigm is a prescriptive debauchery.

You are a living, breathing miraculous being! Did you know that physics can’t even explain how you’re able to stand erect without falling over? Did you know that you’re being breathed? Try to stop! Did you know that the fact that you think and form speech and reason at all is a culmination of the most mind-blowing epistemological phenomenon imaginable? The fact that you can observe your own self-thinking blows the windows AND doors wide open on your whole human being-ness.  You’re a whole miracle!  You deserve to be treated as one.

Rant ends here!

Bloating and Gas; What’s The Difference Between Probiotics and Enzymes?




Every so often, we come across such an amazing resources that we wish we’d written (or filmed) ourselves.  This one, a youtube video, on the 3 Rules of Enzymes will not only explain the difference between probiotics and enzymes, but also guide you to which enzymes are the best without any store or product favouritism.  This is pure information so that you can decide what you need for yourself.  In Heilkunst Medicine, we love  high caliber resources that cite clear, realizable principles and this is a good one.

Enzymes and probiotics are good for when you’re working on your regimen and are seeking to resolve gut issues in yourself or your child.  As you’ll see in the video, long-term stress, medications, or poor food choices can destroy the gut’s health and capacity to easily break down your foods.  Both probiotics and enzymes, along with homeopathic remedies, can get your healthy gut back in check, eliminating both gas and bloating.

We decided to save it for you for future reference, and for new patients too, who also want the answers to these great questions.  Meet Yvette and Megan as they take you on a visual tour.  Enjoy your trip!

Heilkunst Diagnosing; Where’s That Bloody Off-Switch?








Many of you know that I’ve been on a working and writing sabbatical for the past 6 months.  While I love living like a solitary monk for most of the week, (except for 3 days when I’m on Skype with patients) a couple times a week, I love to go out.  This past Friday, I spontaneously took myself out to the local Thai restaurant for coconut soup, pad thai and the best lemongrass tea I’ve ever had.

The server, and owner, was immediately engaging.  Her beautiful welcoming smile, bright twinkling eyes, petite countenance and forthcoming manner let me know that I was not going to be dining alone, reading my book, for much of the evening.  A Phosphorous Constitution  will come across bubbly, effervescent and all sparkly-like.  They’re so much fun to be with and you will hardly ever feel lonely in their midst.










I knew I was in the presence of a firefly (phosphorous glows green in nature) as I watched this woman flit from table to table. As she came back to tell me how to freeze stalks of lemongrass to make the best tea in boiling water, I noticed my Heilkunst spidey-senses pick up on something  else about her tone.  There was clearly another layer on top of her Phos. nature.

I sat quietly, and curiously, waiting for the signs and signals I would inevitably be brought to render a more thorough diagnosis.  She then asked me where I was from and I let her know that I’m a native of Saint John, New Brunswick.  She then said, “Oh, I’ve been to Moncton.  Not a good trip, though.  I ended up in hospital there for pneumonia!” I heard the little “BOOM” I always hear in clinic when the pieces of a case start to phenomenologically congeal and then lock together.

That was the other piece I was patiently waiting for.  Phosphorous constitutions possess a strong astral, more flighty (literally) nature.  What this means, as per Rudolf Steiner, is that in the body, organs that are a mirror of each other like eyes, lungs and kidneys are related more to the cosmic, airy, astral realm.  A Phos. lives more purely in the moment, with their affinity to the cosmos, they will naturally love to travel, fly, act, play and engage with people in the service industry.  They love lots of change.

If, however, they feel suffocated to fulfill their true desire function, they’ll have a strong predisposition for the Tuberculinum Miasm.  When they feel their dreams dampened (literally) down or suffocated, they’ll engender this disease matrix for which their constitution already has a strong affinity.  They will develop a predisposition for this chronic constant disease and exhibit bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia every Winter.










Healthy Phos.’ are pure light-bearers but if they get too lodged in the material, physical world, they’ll get water-logged with etheric energy and their lungs will fill up and they will feel as if they’re drowning from the inside out.  This was this other piece that I was feeling as I was engaging with this woman.

I also noticed something else.  Every time my new friend, the server, walked away with a plate in hand after a clear closure in our conversation, she’d stop in mid-walk to turn around to tell me something else.  This happened 3 times, twice, she seemed to correct herself mentally in mid-first-syllable and, as I looked up from my plate in answer, she’d smile and continue to walk away.

The one time that she could not resist the temptation to add something, she chose to  add a tid-bit of information that didn’t really fit the prior conversation.  It was sort of curious and mis-placed. Again, I felt inquisitive as to what this was about.

By the third time, I knew this was no accident.  I recalled the rubric in Dr. Roger Morrison’s, M.D. “Desktop Guide, To Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms” and what he said about Tuberculinum in the sections under “Mentals” as, “Constant feeling that he has forgotten something. Returns repeatedly to office door to give insignificant information.”  That was the confirmatory symptom I needed to render a thorough diagnosis.  Both my gut feeling and mind were in agreement.

Hey, wait a minute, aren’t I just a simple woman out on her own for a good meal?  Where is that bloody epistemological off-switch?  That’s the problem with being a Heilkünstler, you can never really shelve that enthusiastic diagnosing tendency.  After so many years, it seems to have a life of it’s own.  Once you’ve readily agreed to ingest that homeopathic red pill, every situation becomes a source of further knowledge.

I knew in that moment, that my new Phosphorous friend with the Tubercular Miasm, was still harbouring this disease matrix.  The underlying cause was still afoot.  Whatever they’d given her at the hospital in Moncton (probably antibiotics which literally means “against life”) only suppressed the symptoms without curing it.  It would come back each year around Dec. 21st, stronger than ever, if the root cause was not addressed on the basis of natural law, like cures like.  I knew this to be true like Neo’s Oracle without the need to bend one spoon.










I paid my bill and tipped my new Phos. friend heavily, thanking her for her wonderful service and the best of meals.  I will go back to eat there, again sometime, and see if the opportunity organically presents itself for me to share a chocolate chip cookie with her (geeky Matrix reference … what can I say?!).  Phosphorous’ are such beautiful spirits and I hate to think that she might suffer unnecessarily.

Perhaps in my next blog, I’ll share with you an illustration of the Arsenicum woman in my weekly yoga class, who eyeballs me to straighten my mat, a strewn outdoor clothes, and openly tells others how she’s a control freak and hopes the yoga will help her to let go more.  God’s teeth … perhaps it is better if I just stay at home!







Idiopathic; Um, About That Allopathic Label You Got









On a daily basis, a patient will cite another label that their allopathic physician has labelled them with. My favourites are the ones that start with the word “Idiopathic” as in “Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.” Idiopathic just means that the cause is unknown or foolish (check the dictionary), so logically, how can you label it Pulmonary Fibrosis based on a set of unknown symptoms if you can’t wholly understand the cause and thusly apply it’s rational cure?

The concept just kind of hangs in the air, literally a folly of ignorance (check the dictionary again), without being anchored to any true underlying aetiology. This is such a shortfall on the true meaning of the word “diagnosis” which means literally “through knowing.” For in Heilkunst knowing the cause enables the prescriber to also know it’s cure with no schizophrenic split in gnosis (true knowledge). The patient wins because for the first time, they really get to understand why they’ve been suffering, where their suffering comes from and how the principles of this medical art will address it.



Autistic Babe Restored


Knowing the truth takes all the anxiety, “idiocy” and fear out of the “idiopathic” label allowing the patient to relax into their healing now that the full breath of their issues are now known and fully apprehended. As we strip off each layer of their timeline and Miasms (root cause for chronic disease) systematically, the chaos and “idiocy” stops completely, as the cause is eradicated. These become the true “Aha” moments you always cite each month as you grab the reins from us and state, “I get it, I now know why I contracted with that disease state and why I’m now done with it!”  This is the difference between a true and false diagnosis.



  1. relating to or denoting any disease or condition that arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown.


extremely stupid behavior.
“the idiocy of decimating rain forests”
synonyms: stupidity, folly, foolishness, foolhardiness, ignorance;

silliness, brainlessness,thoughtlessness, senselessness, irresponsibility, imprudence, ineptitude,inanity, absurdity, ludicrousness, fatuousness; informalcraziness

Before I Vaccinate My Child, I Have A Few Questions …


Well researched individuals are so brilliant.  It’s actually how I became to study Heilkunst Medicine.  I was a seeker looking for logical answers to my questions about health.  Now I have the pleasure of serving patients who also want answers to those same hard questions that I also asked.

It is refreshing to be engaged with that same need to know the truth behind something that just doesn’t wholly feel right.  Sometimes it is tough to put your finger on it, starting as just a gut instinct, but you innately know you just can’t do it until you have all the data and the true rationale behind the concept.

Here is a grouping of those questions that I’ve been asked over the last few years from patients and parents that have had that same inkling that something just doesn’t feel right with regards to forced vaccines.  I applaud that they know how to ask the right questions based on their innate common sense which has furthered their research.  It is the age of individual empowerment that we’re striving for.  I serve you, not the other way around.

To me, it is refreshing to know that we everyday folk are asking the right questions in the face of attempts to hijack our basic rights and freedoms by big pharma, politicians, certain allopaths, teachers, family members, friends and other folks who attempt to bully others with a false authority model of governance.  In the pursuit of self governance, autonomy and sovereignty, we salute your informed questions.

  • Why are newborns being vaccinated with Hep B the day they’re born for a disease that is primarily transmitted sexually and by drug users?  Also, this vaccination has typically worn off by the time a child becomes sexually active or, sadly, chooses to use a needle for street drugs.
  • Why are newborn infants vaccinated to induce the production of antibodies?  It is common knowledge, medically, that babes do not produce their own antibodies until after 3 – 6 months of age.
  • Why are government agencies encouraging mothers to delay breastfeeding, but to get more vaccines?  We all know that breast-fed babes are the most protected from errant bacteria, viruses, pathogens and diseases due to the protective antibodies found in breast milk.
  • Why is vaccination being forced on the population breaching our God-given inherent, autonomous, individual rights in some States?  If vaccines were so amazing, would they not sell themselves?  Wouldn’t everyone just naturally line up to get them?  Also, why are the vaccine companies protected from being sued if my child was (and he was) damaged from those same vaccines?
  • Where are the results from the randomized drug/vaccine trials by 3rd parties?  Where are the double blind, placebo studies in the medical journals that each individual has a right to research before injecting their child with toxic chemicals and adjuvants?  How is it that each parent can have access to the ingredients in their muesli (hopefully non-gmo) in the grocery store before they choose to ingest it but not what you’re going to inject into their child’s body?
  • Why do they call homeopathy unprincipled when they in fact don’t have an eighth of the scientific studies that you do or the anecdotal testimonials either?
  • Why are other countries being encouraged to follow the American vaccine schedule when the U.S. has the most vaccinated population on the planet also with the highest rates of SIDS/infant death mortality in the western world?
  • Why are disease outbreaks occurring in a population that is 90% vaccinated?
  • Why are kids vaccinated against measles and chicken pox still getting the diseases if the efficacy is supposed to be 100%?  Why is it that these same kids are shedding the disease creating the conditions ripe for disease pandemics?  Why are non-vaccinated kids/families being blamed for this?
  • Why are we afraid of said measles and chicken pox if they are not fatal and the idea is to train the immune system by experiencing fever for when something bigger comes along?  Isn’t it also true that if a child does not learn to walk first, that they will never learn to run?
  • Why are vaccine manufacturers allowed to cut down on the antigen properties of a vaccine and instead inject cheap, toxic additives that at best aggravate the injection site and at worse maim or kill the patient?
  • How come the Hippocratic Oath to “first cause no harm” seems not to apply in the use of vaccination and other drugs when they clearly do cause harm?
  • Why is the attitude that a certain percentage of children who’ve sustained vaccine damage is acceptable in the pursuit of herd immunity when we can safely use homeopathic medicine on the sound basis of homoprophylaxis instead without causing an ounce of harm?  What if it was their child who was harmed?
  • Is it true that 75% of allopathic doctors do not vaccinate their children?
  • Why is herd immunity still a concept when it has being scientifically debunked?
  • Why are multi-dose vaccines still encouraged if they are indeed 100% efficacious as the drug-companies would like us to think?  When was the last time any one of us saw a case of mumps or german measles?  Why are there now 49 doses of vaccines before the age of 6 with no increased out-break of any of these child-hood diseases?  Why has the medical establishment randomly increased the vaccine schedule?
  • Why can’t I just have my child vaccinated against polio and pertussis if that is my choice?  Again, if I don’t want all the ingredients in my muesli, I can just buy oats, raisins, and almonds separately if I choose.
  • Why won’t the doctor sign, date and notarize a written guarantee for my child’s safety before vaccinating for a product that they insist you have?  Where is the ethical accountability?



What Is My Ideal Exercise Program For My Blood Type?














You’re keen and ready to get going.  Perhaps you’ve just had your initial consultation with one of our Heilkunst Practitioners and you’re looking over your food list with a mix of enthusiasm and overwhelm.  Or maybe you’ve been working with your glandular or metabolic type and you’re now ready to take that next step in your health by stepping up into your blood type diet.



Now that you are getting to know what foods are most optimum for you based on typology, you can rest assure that you’ve got 30 years of live blood analysis on your side along with Dr. D’Adamo’s research confirming that this is the way you’ll eat for the rest of your lifetime.  No more whip sawing on fad diets for you!  You’re now ready to look at your corresponding exercise program also for the same long lasting results for your health and well-being.









Naturopathic doctor, Joseph Christiano, author of Blood Types, Body Types, and You, and co-creator of The Blood Type Workout.  “When you follow a generic program that is one-size-fits-all, you’re never going to tap into your genetic potential.”  He adds that following your Blood Type Workout promises fast, long-lasting results enabling you to meet your long-term goals by harnessing the most resonant approach to exercise for you, ““The blood type is a powerful genetic fingerprint, and there is a chemical reaction to the food you eat, your workouts, and your blood.”

Let’s get right into what you’ve come to this page to learn about so that you can close the lid of your computer, or turn off your hand-held, and get right to the exercise program that is most suited to you and your blood type:

Type O

You’re the oldest blood type on the planet and your genetic heritage speaks to your caveman, or paleo, history.  You do best avoiding the typical North American Diet of carbs, dairy, stimulants like coffee, and refined sugars.  Your exercise regime speaks to your aggressive nature as a hunter and capacity to defend yourself from wily predators.  Also, your cardio regime helps you to metabolize all the meat you eat and stay emotionally positive and enthusiastic.  O types who languish around or who are too sedentary will feel depressed and spend too much time in their intellect worrying.

Best workouts:  You’re just naturally strong and athletic.  You occasionally marvel at those strong arms and legs that just seem to come with your inherent package as an O blood type.  While you no longer have to hunt for your food you still seek the same type of exertion as you did when you formerly had to chase down your meals, gnawing the meat off the bones of your prey.  Here’s a list of your ideal types of exercise:


Type A

Your DNA comes from ancient Asian farmers.  Think of the more meditative action of planting rice in the terraced paddies in Japan.  While you are inherently active, your movements will be slower, more deliberate as you plant those individual crops for your more vegetarian diet.  Your plate will be overflowing with salads, stir fried vegetables, fruits, with some whole grains, fish and chicken on the side.

Best workouts:  If your workouts are too intense, you’ll cause stress in your body by raising the cortisol levels which will cause stiffness and muscle fatigue.  Think of a Tibetan Monk and perhaps you’ll find your inner meditator.  Here’s a list of your ideal types of exercise:











Type B

Your ancestors bought some animals from the O Blood Types and took off nomadically to Europe.  You were smart enough to know that if you slaughtered those animals for food, your supply of nourishment would run dry, so you developed a secondary molecule onto your originating blood type enabling you to effectively metabolize dairy.  You also do best with foods shot with a bow and arrow or as I say with humour to my patients, “B’s do best eating the animals found in the movie Bambi!”  You need the purine found in animals trying to make a quick escape like rabbit, venison, lamb and their accompanying organs like liver.

Best workouts:  Think of yourself as a cross between an O and an A Blood Type; too much cardio and it produces stress in your body, but not enough and you’ll suffer laxness and depression as well.  Here are your best exercises for your type:

  • Hiking
  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Resistance Training











Type AB

You’re the most recent blood type on the planet.  I’ve met few AB Blood Types in my practice over the last dozen years.  Your DNA is a hybrid—you have elements of both a Type A and B.  You need a cross between a dairy based, higher purine diet like a European and also the fruits, veggies and whole grains of the Asian rice paddy growing farmer.  Red meat is not for you.

Best workouts: Again, you’re a hybrid so high-power cardio is not ideal for you and you’ll need more than that meditating Tibetan Monk. Also, you have to be mindful that you’ll harbour anger with too little movement.   You love the feeling of being limber and strong in your joints and muscles.  Here’s a list of your ideal work out regime:

  • Dance
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi


*These exercises are guidelines and not written in stone.  Try to mix it up and see if a 5 day a week routine speaks to you using workouts that feel most resonant to you and your blood type.  Try to embody the principles of each typology when choosing the right exercise program for you and you’ll live wholly out of health and grace for a lifetime.


My Summer At Camp; A Story About Being “Straight” In a “Gay” Situation











Camp Ten Oaks Registration Page <click on image>

Did you know that I was the medic for a kid’s camp one summer back about 8 – 9 years ago now? It was a special camp for kids of LGBTQ families. Do you know what those letter mean? The letters stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans, and Queer.

I brought my so called “straight kids” to a camp for kids raised in “gay” or “queer” families. I wanted to ensure that my babes heard other’s stories of struggle, joys and adversity so that they would develop a firsthand empathy and compassion for folks living life in different circumstances than their own.

I felt it part of my role as a parent to not just teach “tolerance” but fall in love with others on their terms, blurring the lines of any perceived differences by showing up myself. To them, of course, it was just camp with lots of jello, camp fires, swimming, silly songs, and new friends … as it should be.

It is fair to say that I, too, fell in love with those kids. They’d hang with me at my cabin making beaded hemp bracelets, we’d go swimming, sing at the top of our lungs, eat junk food, make meals, do dishes and create crafts together. I also treated lots of bumps, bruises, bee-stings, homesickness and fever with homeopathic remedies and forehead kisses.

You see I was a “different” kind of medic that had to be scrutinized by each parent to discern if I was acceptable to look after their kid’s health 45 minutes away from the nearest hospital. They totally embraced me even though I was also a “minority.” I was different in the field of so called “traditional” medicine. It was awesome the way 100 families said “yes” to me, entrusting me with their “pride” and joy!

We all learned from each other and I got to test out what I know about chronic disease in an acute setting. One girl got rid of her headaches for the first time in her life that week and another kid asked for my help emotionally to be able to “come out” to the others in a safe, loving environment. It was so cool and just perfect and I so cherish those memories.

So the bottom line is, if you know of someone who does not feel wholly regarded by their Physician or feels fear of being themselves due to their sexual orientation, there is a safe place to BE here at Arcanum. Don’t worry, we’re a little “queer” too in a so called “straight” kind of way.