Journal Entry: This Year’s Annual Liver Flush


Many of you know that I’m big into cleanses. I once did a 35 day cleanse on nothing but goats milk!  Spiritual and religious sects have been doing planned annual cleanses and fasting for thousands of years in order to anchor more securely to the very essence of what animates us.  It is the capacity to reconnect to our spiritual centre, that orgonic pulse, or God, by clearing out internal brambles.  I think of my cleanses as internal pilgrimages to “know thyself.”


Every year I do a number of flushes and cleanses on mono-super foods, abstaining from meat, wheat, sugar, etc. While I eat a local, mostly raw, organic diet with few grains and only naturally sourced sweeteners like honey or maple syrup about 95% of the time, I can still intuit liver congestion just after Christmas.  Several days of turkey and Lindt chocolates (my favourite) can cause inflammation and pain in my liver and gallbladder.

The reason for this physical congestion also has to do with my mental work and too many hours spent sitting.  Dr. Mercola rightly refers to sitting as “the new smoking.”  While I get several hours of yoga and core work, walking and hiking 5 days a week, I know I store anger and resentment in my hepatic region.  I was bred with a lot of gall and giddy up!  It is there due to deep resentment towards Big Pharma’s hell bent mission to poison the population with unnecessary vaccines and drugs for chronic issues that are easily treatable with natural law.

I willingly harness my rage by taking on national radio stations when they try to snuff out the system of medicine that has cured millions of people, including my own son of his autistic issues.  I am also irked about how the government is hellbent on infringing on our basic rights, liberties, and freedoms, attempting to take our free choice away from what we put in our bodies, from vaccines to raw milk.  Yes, there are days I wish I’d married into wealth and was a water colour artist and poet with a full-time chef and housekeeper!

I’m ordained to be a physician and human health activist, writing blogs and books about health freedom. That doesn’t mean I don’t store some of that righteous rage, anger, and appropriate hatred within my body.  While I also use regimen and the orgasm function (I’m enjoying working on that one though!) to purge most of it, some of it still gets caught in the bile ducts of my liver and gallbladder.  When the annual Genetic Miasm, Medhorrinum, rears its ugly head in early spring, my liver swells slightly, letting me know that it is time.  I gird my loins for this cleanse like I would for the birth of a child; mentally and physically taxing, yes, but so worth it!

On a practical level I get the stuff I need to git ‘er done.  I’ve already been doing a kidney and parasite cleanse the week before with lemon juice and black walnut extract.  Like I’m packing my birthing centre suitcase or my back pack for heading into the wild, the list goes something like this: epsom salts, check; grapefruit, check;  olive oil, check;  melatonin, check;  black walnut complex, check.  Here I go on my inner pilgrimage!


I remind myself again that cleansing, for me, is a way to cut through the cobwebs and toxicity in order to curiously expose more of my essential self, without all of the fogginess and noise that the debris makes in my guts and my mind. It is a way to power down the grid of my intense work life as a clinician, researcher, and writer and to re-boot my digestive main-frame so that my epistemological God/mind can power up more devoid of the false ego.  Like you, I seek the most optimum state of health so that I can do what I love with increasing ease and grace.

Dr. Gershon wrote a comprehensive piece entitled The Second Brain, on the enteric gut system and the intestinal link to common conditions like headaches and constipation at the onset, and then also making the scientific link to more serious diseases like cancer and heart disease.  We also intuit from our bellies; it is the seat of our “gut instincts.”


I could not truly diagnose a patient’s underlying issues if I could not use my gut to “hear” and “feel” what they’re actually trying to tell me subconsciously, behind the retelling of a story using the intellectual words.  It is the way a patient will convey information that will display which organ or system is most congested. I’ve got to keep this domain (my affectionately termed Buddha Belly) of my being in pristine, squeaky clean, condition.

So at this time of year, in early February or March, I do a liver flush.  I’ve been doing this flush for the past 10 years. The truth is that while it is pretty much the shortest cleanse I do, I hate it.  That is the truth! The gesture of completely letting go to an internal tidal wave, a tsunami of stones, bile, grit,  and chaff  can be very uncomfortable both mentally and emotionally.   While never painful, per se, it feels like a self-induced hangover or food poisoning without having had the fun of partying the night before.  There’s going to be cramping and diarrhea!

Every year I follow Dr. Hulda Clark’s Liver Flush almost to the letter.  The epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) and olive oil/grapefruit recipe is probably one of the most vile combinations I’ve ever forced down my oral hatch.  I know that there will be some stomach cramping, gas (that I’m afraid to pass for reasons that will become obvious to you), and burning at the rectum (use coconut oil) for a day or so due to the bile and repeated visits to the loo.  However, in 24 hours, I know that I will feel like a totally new woman.  It is a short, potent, and effective protocol.


The only main thing I change is that I delay starting the protocol for 2 hours.  I never naturally go to bed at 10:00 p.m. and so since midnight is more my natural time to go to sleep, I adjust the fasting and epsom salts dosing by two hours.  Instead of taking the first dose at 6:00 p.m., I start at 8:00 p.m.  I also rinse my mouth with a swig of sweet apple cider after the epsom salts doses. I use 10 mg of melatonin to sleep instead of the ornithine. Otherwise, I follow every thing else to the letter.  After the fourth, and last, dose of epsom salts, I start to re-populate the flora of my gut with doubled doses of probiotics.

This year, I passed two very large stones like the ones in the picture 5above and about 12 hours of chaff and grit.  The benefits that I feel and see are:

  • clearer, brighter eyes without the muscular soreness in their sockets with a formerly slight, yellow sclera
  • that slight headache deep in my brain is gone
  • I feel lighter in the whole of my body
  • I’ve dropped half a pant size which is about 5 lbs.
  • I have no cravings for dark chocolate or dairy
  • I don’t need to eat as often and less food will fill me
  • my thinking is much clearer
  • I’ve bypassed the worst of the Medhorrinum symptoms
  • I’m sleeping like the dead; deep and restorative with some rare, vivid dreams
  • my meditation is deeper with less interfering mind jabber
  • I feel more animated and happy
  • I feel more calm
  • my belly is softer
  • my digestion is mind-blowing
  • there is no inflammation in my body or abdomen

Ideally, I would follow up with my colleague Micheline Dubé for a colon hydrotherapy flush the day after with a coffee implant. On other occasions, she’ll also supply the essential oil of peppermint at the end of a colon flush to complete the process of excavation with the most profound “freshening up.” However, this year I’m away on sabbatical, about 13 hours from Saint John where she resides.  I’ll go to see her as soon as I’m back in early May and get back on my quarterly regime with her.  This is the full extent of my spring cleaning, from the inside out.


Warning:  You must only take on any cleanse, including a liver flush, with the utmost consciousness in a state of considerable health.  I’m happy to help you discern if a liver flush is right for you and hold you through the process if you’re seeking some of the same outcomes I obtained, but it must be done from a place of strength and personal advocacy.

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