Idiopathic; Um, About That Allopathic Label You Got









On a daily basis, a patient will cite another label that their allopathic physician has labelled them with. My favourites are the ones that start with the word “Idiopathic” as in “Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.” Idiopathic just means that the cause is unknown or foolish (check the dictionary), so logically, how can you label it Pulmonary Fibrosis based on a set of unknown symptoms if you can’t wholly understand the cause and thusly apply it’s rational cure?

The concept just kind of hangs in the air, literally a folly of ignorance (check the dictionary again), without being anchored to any true underlying aetiology. This is such a shortfall on the true meaning of the word “diagnosis” which means literally “through knowing.” For in Heilkunst knowing the cause enables the prescriber to also know it’s cure with no schizophrenic split in gnosis (true knowledge). The patient wins because for the first time, they really get to understand why they’ve been suffering, where their suffering comes from and how the principles of this medical art will address it.



Autistic Babe Restored


Knowing the truth takes all the anxiety, “idiocy” and fear out of the “idiopathic” label allowing the patient to relax into their healing now that the full breath of their issues are now known and fully apprehended. As we strip off each layer of their timeline and Miasms (root cause for chronic disease) systematically, the chaos and “idiocy” stops completely, as the cause is eradicated. These become the true “Aha” moments you always cite each month as you grab the reins from us and state, “I get it, I now know why I contracted with that disease state and why I’m now done with it!”  This is the difference between a true and false diagnosis.



  1. relating to or denoting any disease or condition that arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown.


extremely stupid behavior.
“the idiocy of decimating rain forests”
synonyms: stupidity, folly, foolishness, foolhardiness, ignorance;

silliness, brainlessness,thoughtlessness, senselessness, irresponsibility, imprudence, ineptitude,inanity, absurdity, ludicrousness, fatuousness; informalcraziness

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