Bloating and Gas; What’s The Difference Between Probiotics and Enzymes?




Every so often, we come across such an amazing resources that we wish we’d written (or filmed) ourselves.  This one, a youtube video, on the 3 Rules of Enzymes will not only explain the difference between probiotics and enzymes, but also guide you to which enzymes are the best without any store or product favouritism.  This is pure information so that you can decide what you need for yourself.  In Heilkunst Medicine, we love  high caliber resources that cite clear, realizable principles and this is a good one.

Enzymes and probiotics are good for when you’re working on your regimen and are seeking to resolve gut issues in yourself or your child.  As you’ll see in the video, long-term stress, medications, or poor food choices can destroy the gut’s health and capacity to easily break down your foods.  Both probiotics and enzymes, along with homeopathic remedies, can get your healthy gut back in check, eliminating both gas and bloating.

We decided to save it for you for future reference, and for new patients too, who also want the answers to these great questions.  Meet Yvette and Megan as they take you on a visual tour.  Enjoy your trip!

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